The Art of Melody

The Art of Melody

  1. Cogenhoe Gallivant
  2. English Rhapsody
  3. The Mirror of Love
  4. Five Gemstones
  5. Intermezzo
  6. The Art of Melody
  7. The Mirror of Love (CBSO)
  8. The Art of Melody (CBSO)


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An album of romantic music for piano and orchestra accessible to all, yet wholly uncompromising in its content.

The Art of Melody is the first in a series of solo piano albums to be produced by composer and pianist Robert John Godfrey of cult symphonic rock band The Enid. The art of melody, an album of romantic piano music recorded in response to repeated requests from Enid fans, showcases the work of a man described on the BBC Radio One by the legendary Tommy Vance as "one of the greatest composers great Britain has ever produced”.

Godfrey’s albums with The Enid have nearly always contained a "Robert John Godfrey’s corner" – a track which is romantic, powerful and orchestral in conception. The tone of The Art of Melody, whilst being far from sentimental, is often bittersweet, sad and joyful, melodic and occasionally violent. From the large-scale virtuoso pieces such as Cogenhoe Gallivant to the gentler Mirror of Love – the album showcases Godfrey’s talents beautifully.

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