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For many this is the peak of the Joe Payne-era Enid - bridging the gap between the generations, and the one that most die-hard fans, unhappy with the presence of a frontman, agree is an excellent body of work. Very much the sound of a band invigorated, there's a palpable hunger and energy to the musicianship throughout, perfectly coupled with the craftsmanship of the songs. Those who remain unmoved and unshuddered by Payne's performance during One and the Many, perhaps the peak of his collaboration with the band, are clearly in need of a defibrillator. Who Created Me and Leviticus also became instant favorites with fans old and new, whilst Witchhunt, their heaviest number to date, saw the production of band's first proper music video, which, ermmm...has to be seen to be believed...

1. Anthropy
2. One And The Many
3. Who Created Me
4. Execution Mob
5. Witch Hunt
6. Heavens Gate
7. Leviticus
8. Villain of Science
9. The Whispering

Robert John Godfrey Keyboards
Joe Payne Vocals
Max Read Vocals & Guitars
Jason Ducker Guitars
Dave Storey Drums & Percussion
Nick Willes Bass & Percussion

Recorded at the Lodge Recording Studio, Northampton, August to October 2012
Engineered by Max Read and Jason Ducker
Mixed by Max Read Produced by Max Read and Robert John Godfrey
Lyrics by Joe Payne

Copyright The Enid

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