Jason Ducker met RJG and Max Read by chance in 2001 and became friends. He  soon moved in with Max and RJG (The Lodge Recording Studio) to pursue a musical life. By 2002 he had fallen in love with The Enid's music and had decided to try and become the guitarist for a new incarnation of the band. He made his debut with the band in a special one off show at The London Astoria in 2003 just prior to going off to university.

Max Read and RJG encouraged him to go to music college. Jason duly went off to university in Sussex. Upon his return in 2005, he and RJG started working on what was to become Journey's End and a new phase of The Enid began.

What follows is an interview RJG gave to unknown journalist Nigel Brooks telling the story of how he rediscovered his self-belief and creative muse.

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