The Spell

The Spell

Following hot on the heels from the success of Something Wicked...1984's The Spell sees a rejuvinated Godfrey and Stewart bridge the romanticism of Aerie Farie Nonsense (Winter and Spring) with the vocal infused "pop" sensibilities of their previous album (Summer). Stewart's soaring, multi-layered guitars underpin Godfrey's powerful piano and keyboard compositions, begging the question of why he is so often overlooked in the pantheon of great British guitar players.

1. Winter “The Key”
2. Spring
3. Summer
4. Autumn
5. Elephants Never Die
6. The Sentimental Side of Mrs James

Robert John Godfrey Keyboards, Vocals
Stephen Stewart Guitars, Synthesisers, Vocals
Dave Storey Drums and Percussion
Glynn Evans Bass

Recorded at The Lodge Studio Summer/Autumn 1984
Engineered by Stephen Stewart
Produced by Robert John Godfrey and Stephen Stewart

An experimental version of “Autumn” featuring vocals by Rosie Harman was later available on Bespoke CD.
An instrumental version of “Mrs James” was later available on Bespoke CD. It was a wedding present for Jane James who worked as a secretary in The Enid office. The lyrics were added after a local family lost their young son Mark.

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