1. Raindown
  2. And Then There Were None
  3. Letter From America
  4. Something Wicked
  5. Sheets of Blue
  6. Summer
  7. Nimrod

This album has been made available for sale by Inner Sanctum Records against the wishes of the band. It is not a proper release and has not been manufactured from master tapes supplied by The Enid.

The so called “Liverpool Album” was specially pressed (800 pieces) and given away to members of the audience who attended a famous Enid concert in Liverpool in the 1980’s.

Contrary to a common myth, this is not a live album of that concert. It is a compilation album of studio tracks taken from Something Wicked this Way Comes, The Spell and Salome. The Liverpool Album also has a recording of Nimrod especially made for inclusion on this anthology.

This version was played and recorded in front of a small audience of friends and fans shortly before the show in Liverpool took place. The aplause, which was removed from the orginal vinyl production, has been left on. (There are in fact two other recordings of The Enid performing Nimrod in existence.)

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