Live at Hammersmith Volumes 1 and 2

Live at Hammersmith Volumes 1 and 2

Witness the awesome power of the 70's Enid in their prime. The roar of the crowd, the count down from Robert John Godfrey, lights, guitars, brass, strings, smoke and of course, the music. Featuring classic tracks from their first three albums, this legendary Hammersmith Odeon (now Apollo) 1979 concert captured the band at the absolute peak of their powers. 12 months later it had all gone south.

1.God Save The Queen
2. The Last Judgement
3. In The Region of the Summer Stars
4. The Song of Fand

5. Mayday Galliard
6. Humouresque
7. Cortege
8. Albion Fair
9. Encore

Robert John Godfrey Keyboards
William Gilmour Keyboards
Stephen Stewart Guitars
Francis Lickerish Guitars
Terry Pack Bass
Dave Storey Drums, Percussion
Tony Freer Keyboards, Woodwind
Martin Wallis Keyboards
Dean Extra percussion
Matthew Extra percussion

Recorded 3 March 1979 Hammersmith Odeon by The Manor Mobile
Engineered by Stephen Stewart
Remixed by Stephen Stewart at The Lodge Studio 1980
Produced by Stephen Stewart and Robert John Godfrey

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