Touch Me

Touch me

1979 saw The Enid move to Pye records. Having been given the biggest advance in the label's history, Godfrey made the smart move to purchase the recording equipment they needed to make their next album, Touch Me. A smart move, as the label collapsed shortly after. Touch Me continued the band's trajectory away from mainstream 'rock' music. Eschewing much of the 'hippies play the proms' sound of the previous two albums, and favouring more complex, densely layered piano and synthesizer compositions to tracks such as Gallivant and Albion Fair, the band sounded less like a rock band and more like accomplished classical musicians pushing the boundaries of the new electronic technology. The opening to Albion Fair, for example, would not have sounded out of place on the soundtrack of Blade Runner, released two years after. Almost entitrely absent is the guitar interplay between Stewart and Lickerish (Stewart is only credited as writer once, on Cortege; a track which doffs it's tri-cornered hat to In the Region). Instead we are treated to the often jaw-dropping interplay between Godfrey and new recruit, William Gilmour, on keyboards. In live performances, standing side by side in front of their banks of keyboards, they resembled two Micheline-starred chefs sharing a chopping board. 

Touch Me was the first Enid album to be entirely self-produced, and their first step toward complete autonomy and self-sufficiency.

1. Humoresque (Godfrey/Gilmour/Lickerish)
2. Cortgege (Godfrey/Stewart/Lickerish)
3. Elegy (Touch Me) (Godfrey/Lickerish)
4. Gallavant (Godfrey/Gilmour/Lickerish)
5. Albion Fair Part 1 (Godfrey)
6. Albion Fair Part 2 (Godfrey/Gilmour)

Robert John Godfrey Keyboards
William Gilmour Keyboards
Francis Lickerish Guitars
Stephen Stewart Guitars, Percussion
Dave Storey Drums, Percussion
Terry Pack Bass Guitar

Tony Freer Cor Anglais, Oboe

Recorded at The Enid’s 16 track studio at their home November 1978 - January 1979 [Beanside Lodge, Hertford]
Engineered by Alexander Harvey
Produced by The Enid


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