The Enid's 8th studio album began life as a potential soundtrack to Ken Russell's film "Salome's Last Dance", which Godfrey had composed. When Godfrey presented Russell with his musical sketches for the film, Russell purportedly shouted back "GET THAT FUCKING JUNGLE BUNNY MUSIC OUT OF HERE!" However Godfrey saw the potential in the musical ideas he had written, and developed them with Stewart into their next album. The standout track is arguably the luxurious synths and guitars showcased in Sheets of Blue, a perennial live favourite. Salome was originally performed as a contemporary ballet at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1986. Ken Russell's film was a critical and commercial flop.

1. O Salome
2. Sheets of Blue
3. The Change
4. The Jack
5. Flames of Power

Robert John Godfrey Keyboards, Vocals
Stephen Stewart Guitars, Vocals
Dave Storey Drums, Percussion on “O Salome”, “The Jack”
Chris North Drums on “Sheets Of Blue”

Recorded and Mixed at The Lodge October 1985 - February 1986
Mastered at The Sound Clinic
Engineered by Stephen Stewart
Assistant Engineers Martin Stansfield, Simon Osborne
Produced by Robert John Godfrey and Stephen Stewart

The theme from “Flames Of Power” was used in “Wedding Music” recorded in 1986 and later available on Bespoke CD.

Two early demo versions of “The Change”, called “Salome’s Dance” were later available on Bespoke CD.

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