The Bridge

The Bridge

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In between Invicta and Dust, parts 2 & 3 of the Journey's End trilogy, came The Bridge. Though they had revisited/reworked and rerecorded pre-existing material on Shining with the full force of the Journey's End line up, with Payne replacing Godfrey's vocals or adding his own lyrics to tracks which were previously instrumental, Robert John Godfrey and Joe Payne wished to explore the classical elements of the band's music in more detail.

his album is the result of that exploration; a stripped down, reflective affair; essentially piano, vocals and orchestrations, accompanied by Jason Ducker's symphonic guitar textures and Max Read's choral arrangements. The Bridge was initially to be the first in a new trilogy of albums, however with 2016 waving its wand of change over The Enid's planned trajectory, this may remain a standalone album.

1. Earthborn
2. 'til We're Old
3. Dark Corner of the Sky
4. Bad Men
5. My Gravity
6. Wings
7. First Light
8. Autumn

Robert John Godfrey Piano, Orchestration
Joe Payne Vocals
Max Read Choir, Programming
Jason Ducker Guitars

All music composed by Robert John Godfrey, except "First Light" (Max Read)
All lyrics by Joe Payne, Except "Earthborne" (Robert Perry)
Recorded at the Lodge Recording Studio, Northampton, October 2015 to March 2015
Engineered by Max Read and Jason Ducker
Mixed by Max Read
Produced by Max Read and Robert John Godfrey

Copyright The Enid


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