Six Pieces

Six Pieces

The Enid's fourth album was to be the last to feature Francis Lickerish, and their last recording for Pye records. Though by now a huge live draw across the UK, the band were suffering managerial, legal and internal wranglings. The Enid as a functioning entity were in danger of becoming a busted flush. Six Pieces, group compositions describing each of the band's members, would have served as the band's official sawnsong, as Godfrey and Stewart retreated to their studio, essentially becoming guns for hire for the likes of Kim Wilde and Mari Wilson, for the next few years. Thankfully, the best was yet to come.

1. Punch And Judy Man (Gilmour/Godfrey) [WG]
2. Once She Was (Russell/Godfrey/Trad.) [MR]
3. The Ring Master (Russell/Godfrey/Gilmour/Dobson) [RD]
4. Sanctus (Godfrey/Russell/Gilmour) [RJG]
5. Hall Of Mirrors (Godfrey/Gilmour/Stewart) [SS]
6. The Dreamer (Lickerish/Godfrey/Dobson) [FL]

Robert John Godfrey Keyboards
William Gilmour Keyboards
Martin Russell Keyboards, Bass Guitar
Francis Lickerish Guitars, Bass Guitar
Stephen Stewart Guitars
Robbie Dobson Drums and all Percussion

All musical arrangements by The Enid
Recorded in The Enid’s 16 track studio August - September 1979 [Beanside Lodge, Hertford]
Engineered by Stephen Stewart
Mixed and mastered at Pye Studios: Engineers Paul Libson, Mike Wilson, Dai Reynolds
Technical Engineer David Lickerish
Produced by The Enid

Only 2,000 pressed.
Only 500 cassettes made.
Each piece represents a member of the band at the time as indicated above. Tony Freer left the band during recording sessions for this album to get married. His piece was to have been “Tallest Dwarf In The World” which appears in an uncompleted form on “The Stand 1985 – 1986”. “Six Pieces” would then presumably have been called “Seven Pieces”.


Extra Tracks from the same era:

Jig Fugue (J S Bach arr Godfrey)
Syke Boat Song (Trad Arr Godfrey)
Tallest Dwarf In The World (Incomplete Portrait of Tony Freer who left the band during the making of this album)

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