The 1990's


RJG and Steve Stewart decided to split up during the recording of The Seed And the Sower which was completed at the end of 1987. They decided to go out with a bang and planned two last back to back shows for the following autumn at the London Dominion.

These were to be the most ambitious and costly events ever embarked on by The Enid and The Stand. In order to fund it, a live recording together with a video recording of the two concerts was planned. Then, after a difficult time for them both, in the new year, Steve Stewart decided to move out of Claret Hall Farm effectively putting all their plans in jeopardy.

Apart from agreeing to show up at The Dominion, Steve Stewart walked away from The Enid, playing no further role in the band's affairs. RJG excepted this situation stoically, set about losing several stones, and plodded on.

The shows duly took place, both sold out and that was that. But there was an awful aftermath which few are aware off. The band's debts and liabilities were huge. Although RJG and Steve Stewart were mildly estranged, RJG did not wish him to have to bear the possible consequences of the financial storm brewing. Accordingly, he took steps to protect him and make sure that he was never exposed to what was bound to follow.

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1990's Albums

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