Journey's End

The first of the Journey's End trilogy
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This was the first new body of work produced by The Enid since 1997's White Goddess. Born during a protracted period of costly legal battles and amid a decade plagued with aborted projects and writers block, Robert John Godfrey rediscovered his muse and reassembled the band. The result was the first in what was to become the Journey's End trilogy, and marked the beginning of a new era of creativity for The Enid. From the metallic pump of Terra Firma to the sweeping, majestic orchestrations of Malacandra, Shiva and The Art of Melody, via the bass driven funk of Space Surfing, Journey's End is arguably The Enid's most satisfying and accessible ensemble playing since the Something Wicked/Spell era.

Robert John Godfrey Keyboards
Max Read Vocals
Jason Ducker Guitars
Dave Storey Drums and Percussion
Nick Willes Bass, Timpani and Percussion
Elsa Growl

Recorded at The Lodge Recording Studios 2007-2010
Engineered by Max Read, Joe Willes and Jason Ducker
Produced by Robert John Godfrey and Max Read

Copyright The Enid