Live at Crescendo Festival [Video]

Video with Surround Sound Audio.
Live recording made on August 23nd 2014 by Skop Art Films and The Enid at Crescendo Festival, France.
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En Concert á Crescendo is the bands first live film since 2010, showing how The Enid has progressed since the arrival of lead vocalist Joe Payne in 2011. In this show The Enid perform music from across their 40 Year back catalogue. This is an opportunity to enjoy the latest versions of classics from In the Region of the Summer Stars, Aerie Faerie Nonsense,Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Spell, Tripping The Light Fantastic and their 2012 release Invicta.

This footage was filmed and edited by Skop Art Films with live multi-track audio recording from EnidLive.

Download Version -  Video 1920 x 1080 H264 25fps Progressive, 16-20Mbps; Audio 640Kbps Dolby Digital AC3 Surround/ 192kbps AC3 Stereo. (The Blu Ray version is limited to 448kbps for the surround)

File size:  7.77 GB (8,351,603,474 bytes)

Track listing:
Judgement Day
One and the Many
Childe Roland
Who Created Me?
Witch Hunt
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Dark Hydraulic