Dust 5.1

24/96 5.1 FLAC with 6 discreet mix channels
Price: £10.00
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The second of a series of High Definition Surround Sound releases, Dust HD 24/96 5.1 comes to you in true 24bit 96kHz uncompressed Surround FLAC format. There is also the option to download an ISO image ready to burn a DVD-A.

This is a ground-up remix by Max Read of the original album in The Enid's surround studio. The music really comes into its own in this format - once you've heard it like this, you'll realise that you've been missing out on rather a lot with just two speakers!

RJG: "I have just finished listening to Max Read’s Surround Sound mixes of The Bridge. They are not just great, they are stunning.The band had always known that The Enid music could really come to life in surround-sound. these results have surpassed all I had hoped for, breaking all ties with an often cluttered stereo field, in surround the music has grown wings."

The download has three format options to ensure you can play at least one of them: 24/86 FLAC (Media Streamer / PC), 48kHz PCM DVD-A ISO (DVD-A compatible player), Dolby Digital DVD-V ISO (A standard DVD compatible with most DVD players)