The Bridge

2015 Classical crossover music.
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The Enid present the first of two new albums for 2015 - "The Bridge". Following the success of their 2012 studio album Invicta, Robert John Godfrey and Joe Payne of The Enid wished to explore the Classical elements of the band's music in more detail. The orchestral arrangements and vocals are accompanied by Jason Ducker's symphonic guitar textures and Max Read's choral arrangements.

“Bridging the gap between the arts and entertainment; the shallow and the deep; the brash and the sensitive. A place where history meets the future. A plea for open-mindedness, tolerance and natural justice at a time when the world is sleep walking into the unknowable.” Robert John Godfrey

The Bridge is the first in a new trilogy of albums from The Enid, each of which will focus on the performance development of band members Joe Payne, Jason Ducker and Dominic Tofield.

The product is packaged in the now familiar digipack design with the addition of a special poster and features stunning artwork by drummer, Dominic Tofield.