Arise and Shine

Double CD 8 page Digipack.
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This Double CD was originally on two separate releases. "The Arise and Shine project exists in order to make available as studio recordings everything The Enid has in the current repertoir. For those who prefer the original recordings - you still have them. However, many people are telling the band that they want studio recordings of everything performed by the new band live.
The music of The Enid has now spanned four decades and the band's new and settled line-up has a very natural desire to make this unique music their own rather than slavishly following the past, parrot fashion, in the manner of some tribute or nostalgia band. Arise and Shine aims to bring this fresh incarnation to the next generation of music lovers, for whom The Enid will be a brand new experience." - RJG



1. Castles In The Air - Fantasy
2. Riguardon - The Dancing Lizard
3. Chaldean Crossing - 2009 Revision
4. Dark Hydraulic Forces Of The Id
5. Sheets From The Blue Yonder
6. Apocalypse - Judgement Day 
7. Avalon - Under The Summer Stars
8. Malacandra - The Silent Planet (2009 Version)


1. Childe Roland To The Dark Tower Came: 2010 revision premiered at Town Hall, Birmingham in 2010
2. The Tower (ITROTSS) - Deconstructed and resurrected! Watch out for the "coda".
3. The Mirror Of Love: Based on Robert John Godfrey's original composition of thirty five years ago, The Lovers. 
4. Something Wicked This Way Comes (SWTWC) – All the atmosphere of the original. The verses have been left pretty well as they were. Be ready for some surprises when it comes to the rest.
5. Spring (From The Spell). Now recorded with all the missing guitars lines composed for the original but left off due to running out of time prior to release.
6. Fand 2010 (Aerie Faerie Nonsense) – In this special version performed for the first times at Town Hall Birmingham.
7. The Dambusters and Land Of Hope And Glory in a new powerful arrangement with the Hauptwerk organ from Salisbury Cathedral!