A Little Gift For The Curious


A highly successful concert sponsored by The Enidi took place last October at The Met Theatre in Bury, Gtr Manchester to launch the band's new album U. Now there is more to come. A new studio album in conception and a series of shows in 2020

Robert John Godfrey talks about U below. Get U Here

by Robert John Godfrey

The way I compose is "evolutionary", in the sense that I begin with a vision of what I want to say without knowing how or when the music will come to me, or how it will develop over time. I take a walk in the woods and wait to see where that journey leads. The vision I started with was one of Britain at the time of composing, a vision of what goes on beneath the things people tell themselves and say to each other.

When you add to that, the music and personality of Jason Ducker, I can say that together we have been on a truly unpredictable path. For those that are interested in the psychological, the specially commissioned artwork is the key to what U is really all about.

A special thanks to all our fans who have stuck with us during a turbulent and uncertain period in our recent past.

God willing, there is much more to come.


 Track Names

1 In The Region of The Winter Star

2 Duplicity

3 Homily

4 Humours

5 A Peak In Darien

6 You (i) & (ii)


People & Places

Guitars & Bass: Jason Ducker

Keyboards: Robert John Godfrey

Drums & Percussion: Dave Storey

Music composed by Jason Ducker & Robert John Godfrey.

Engineered & Produced by Jason Ducker.

Mastered at The Lodge by Max Read

Photography by Paul Michael Hughes.

Cover painting by Alex Willmore.

Graphic Design is by Nathan McGregor.

Recorded and composed at The Lodge Studio, Northampton England and in Netzschkau, Germany.

Special thanks to:

Nick Willes for his unique musical gifts;

Antony Meadley for his generosity and for giving Jason and Robert the use of his house in Netzschkau;

Richard Booley, Uwe Beykuefner, and John Griffiths for all their help in past years;

Max Read, Duncan McLaughlan, Michael Lawrence and all the residents at The Lodge for their help.


Time Machine

Fall of Hyperion

In the Region..

Aerie Faerie Nonsense

Touch Me

Six Pieces

Something Wicked

Live at Hammersmith

Stand 1

In the Region '84

Aerie Faerie Nonsense '84

The Spell

Stand 2



William Arkle

Final Noise

Seed and the Sower

Tripping the Light...


Anarchy on 45

White Goddess

Journey's End

Journey's End Orchestrations

Live with the CBSO


Arise nd Shine


Art of Melody

First Light

The Bridge

The Bridge Show Live