Spring Sale ends Sunday 30th April.
Last week, as part of our Funding the future campaign, we decided to launched “The Enid Spring sale” and we can safely say that the results so far have been fantastic. We are absolutely thrilled that so many people took advantage of the limited time offers and did their part in supporting the future endeavours of The Enid. Thank you all so much.
However, all good things must come to an end and this Sunday, so too will The Enid spring sale. As a little reminder, many of the products on sale will not be repressed anytime soon and with stocks disappearing fast, this may be your last opportunity to snap up that missing item from your collection, so don’t miss out.
Resurgency official release date TBA soon.
This week we will finally be receiving “Resurgency” from the pressing plant and will begin mailing out as soon as possible. For those who are out of the loop, Resurgency represents the bridging of old and new, giving everyone a small taste of things to come. The album features a selection of tracks from the Journeys end trilogy, reimagined by the latest incarnation of the band.
To coincide with the official release of “Resurgency”, we are very excited to announce that we will be streaming the album in full for one week ONLY over on our official YouTube channel so keep your eye open for the launch dated!  
In the works.
And finally, over the last few months we have been observing the activities around the many changes we initially made regarding The Enidi section of the website. When we constructed The Enidi section, we had very ambitious plans and sort to bring as much value to it as we could; We wanted to give the Enidi an exclusive backstage pass to the life of the band. 
However, as things have taken their current course, we have realised that due to limited time and resources, it would be far more beneficial to us and the fans if these videos are available to everyone who takes an interest in how we do things. It is for this reason that we have decided to remove the exclusive Enidi TV content and instead, make our videos public via our you tube channel. It is vital that we get as much exposure as we can if the band is to grow.
This means there will be some restructuring of the Enidi section as we reformulate our plans on how to give as much back to the Enidi as it has given to us. Without the Enidi, the future of the band would be impossible.


Time Machine

Fall of Hyperion

In the Region..

Aerie Faerie Nonsense

Touch Me

Six Pieces

Something Wicked

Live at Hammersmith

Stand 1

In the Region '84

Aerie Faerie Nonsense '84

The Spell

Stand 2



William Arkle

Final Noise

Seed and the Sower

Tripping the Light...


Anarchy on 45

White Goddess

Journey's End

Journey's End Orchestrations

Live with the CBSO


Arise nd Shine


Art of Melody

First Light

The Bridge

The Bridge Show Live