When you join The Enidi

Live Video from the Bijou

Here's an example of one of the videos created by the band for The Enidi. There are many more, available exclusively for members.



Main Benefits

Bi-annual conventions/parties

Free downloads of major studio recordings and videos made just for the members

Members-only Livestreams

Exclusive merchandise

An invitation to attend members' gatherings, parties and conventions

Exclusive access to an ever-growing archive of music videos, interviews, private clips of the band at work and play.

An invitation to join a conversation about the future for The Enidi between the members and the band.


The Bijou Theatre

The band and The Enidi between us have spent over £15,000.00 our now firmly established The Bijou Theatre. The two recent live performances were a success and there is more coming in the new year.

Getting The Bijou up and running has taken up most of the bandwidth. Now The band are turning their attention to the promised content only available to members.

The Bijou has seating for 30 and a front of house space big enough to provide a buffet and hospitality. In the early summer, we are planning to have invited audiences with members having priority booking.


What's coming in the new year?

  • Postproduction versions all Livestreams divided up into bitesize segments.
  • filmed in-depth interviews based on questions asked by the fans will arrive throughout Jan & Feb.
  • More Clips, Outtakes, Rehearsals featuring The Enid at Home

Jan 29th 2021
Livestream including new performance arrangments of Dark Hydraulic & Death The Reaper.

Feb & March & April
Brand new studio recordings with the new line-up including

The Dreamer & Jessica
Gallivant & Cortege
Elegy &The Tower
Death Reaper



The Enidi Members Group

This Group was set up independently of the band in 2013 by a current member but was never managed to reflect the changing membership. Most of the of current members are not in the group whilst there are many in this group who through no fault of their own are not currently paid up members of The Enidi.

We have decided that the simplest thing is to archive this group and put something better in place, where we can have a conversation about the future for The Enidi just between the members and the band.

Jason Ducker


Enidi Convention Lunch

Enidi Convention Lunch in Northampton