Finally getting somewhere with the camera problems, but this is the best broadcast so far. Merry Christmas!

This is the December 6th Live Stream. We're still having camera problems but at least the audio is good!

Here's our first stream from November 8th, 2017. There were a few technical problems but the show went out live as planned. Don't forget to tune in for the next live broadcast on 22 November at 7 PM.   

Here's the stream from 22nd November. One of our cameras packed up just before the show and the main camera decided to stop shooting a few minutes in and had to be reset by Duncan. The lads made it through though, despite the technical problems and performed Humoresque live on camera. The tour of Enid HQ should be interesting for many of you. It's early days and we're still learning how to do this but I think the show shows will improve over time. Stick with us!

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