The Legal Battle

As you know, The Enidi has been “on hold” ever since Gerald Palmer decided to sue. His tactic was to destroy The Enidi by driving up our legal costs. This led to The Enidi running out of money and not having the ability to afford any further legal advice.

Last year I took on the task of defending The Enidi acting in person in the high court.  I am pleased to be able to tell you that Mr Palmer has failed to obtain the declaration he so badly wanted that the contract he signed with me in 2008 is valid or enforceable.



While all this has been going on, The Enidi could not have any confidence that it could deliver the benefits of membership as promised and had to stop taking money. This is why many of you have not been able to renew your memberships.


Normal service to resume

Now that is all behind The Enidi, normal service can be resumed with an annual party in Northampton, exclusive members-only recordings and regular get-togethers.


Jason Ducker, The Enid & The Future

It will now be down to Jason Ducker to take things forward and Jason will be writing to you in person in his own words and in his own way.

All our efforts are currently going into getting the new Enid album finished on time for our show at the Bury Met on Oct 24th. (That show is very nearly sold out – if you are intending to come, you should book now) https://themet.org.uk/event/the-enid-2019/

Once we are over this hurdle successfully, Jason will concentrate on maintaining the band’s profile and organizing more concerts.


Enidi Membership

If you wish to resume your membership you can do so here. Just click "Subscribe" on the left in the "ENIDI MENU". Please log on if you have an existing account, otherwise, follow the instructions. Note that there is no option to "renew" - just subscribe to the new system.



Now that Palmer has no possibility of interfering with The Enidi, the planned Patreon site is no longer the preferred option. The band do have a Patreon site ready to go and will launch it in due course, particularly for fans in the USA.



Membership Status

No active subscriptions