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The Enidi - It's In Your Hands

The Enid is a completely independent entity, untainted by the whims of the industry zeitgeist. Every single function of the band from the creation of records in our studio to the planning and logistics of hitting the road is handled directly by us. This gives us the freedom to pour 100% of our artistic vision into “The Enid” experience.  However, none of this would be possible without the dedication of our fans, our tribe, our family, The Enidi. The Enidi truly is the life force of the band and it is only through their continued support that we can devote all our energy to this incredible journey. The Enid is a full-time project and none of us have day jobs, spending our time living and working together communally. The band is our life and all life needs sustenance to reach its full expression.

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The Enidi section of the site has deservedly received the most attention. We're still working on it and any suggestions are welcome, including bug reports. We're working flat out to get it looking amazing. 

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As an Enidi member, your support provides us with vital financial resources that are funnelled directly ....



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The Enidi in spirit is a unique service that is only available to members. How does it work? ....



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For those who would like to take if even further, you can get involved in hands-on, creative projects...


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