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We Like to thank MEMBERS with the following gifts:

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It takes hundreds of hours of creative work costing many thousands of pounds to produce the Enid's distinctive music.

The days of big record companies spending money on expensive works of art are long gone. The only real source of funding for bands like The Enid comes directly from the fans.

They will need to be true music lovers and be ready to step collectively into the shoes of good old fashioned patronage to support the future of bands like The Enid. Elsewise the likes of us and all those other potential bands of the future with big ideas about music will fade into the shadows.


"We share a vision for the future where true innovation takes back it's crown in the creative arts. The commercial world is drowning the arts in a sea of mediocracy, and it is only with your help and love that we can rise to the surface. A growing Enidi will give us the strength to change the world and make music great again." Joe Payne

"A new generation of young gifted musicians has now established itself in a stable and dedicated band line up and they are in it for the long haul. Between them, they have both the imagination and creative gifts capable of achieving something truly magnificent. But they cannot do it without help and support from us - their fans." Robert John Godfrey


With support from the Enidi, we are succeeding in putting The Enid back on the map of Progressive Music. Here's a few examples of our greatest accomplishements since the Enidi was founded in 2009:

THE BRIDGE SHOW - not only was this show The Enid's best attended tour since the 1980s, it has also been nominated for 'Live Event' of 2015 at the Progressive Music Awards. Considering other nominees include Kate Bush and Muse, this is a huge acheivement. Without the support of the Enidi in funding the show and supporting the tour, The Bridge Show would have been impossible.

BEST MALE VOCALIST - PROG MAGAZINE READERS' POLL 2014 - a real surprise which just proves how powerful the Enidi can be. Thanks to the collective votes not only was Joe Payne voted Male Vocalist of 2014, but Robert John Godfrey was also honoured as runner up to the mighty Rick Wakeman in the Keyboardist category. A great acheivement indeed.

VISIONARY AWARD - PROGRESSIVE MUSIC AWARDS 2014 - Robert John Godfrey was given true acknowlegement for his years of service to the music industry. From his earliest work as co-writer and music director of Barclay James Harvest to his more recent acheivements with The Enid, the Enidi's work and support has reminded the critics just how important Robert's talent continues to be.

CLASSIC FM - HALL OF FAME - Determined to see Robert's solo work accepted and enjoyed by the classical audience, the Enidi collectively ran a campaign to attract the attention of Classic FM DJs. The campain was a great success, and the public voted 'The Mirror of Love' from The Art of Melody as one of their top 100 compositions of 2012, 2013 and 2014. The song was also a Number 1 download in the Amazon Classical Chart when it was released in 2011.

TOP 10 ALBUM - GUARDIAN READERS' POLL 2012 - another great surprise. Thanks to the Enidi's support, the 2012 studio release INVICTA was voted the 9th best album of 2012 by readers of the Guardian. There was no campaign to get these votes, and all this support came purely from the strong initiative of the individuals that make up the Enidi. Thank you!

LIVE WITH THE CITY OF BIRMINGHAM SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - Everything about this boiled down to Enidi support. They made a dream come true - to perform the greatest Enid compositions with one of the greatest orchestras in the world.


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