What is The Enidi

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  • A free, unique recording or DVD every year
  • Access to play and download the entire back catalogue
  • 10% discount on everything in the shop
  • An invitation to the Enidi annual party





    The Enidi has an ever growing membership
    who share a common love for The Enid,
    past and present and the unique musical style
    the band have pioneered
    over more than three decades.

    As the successor to The Stand,
    The Enidi is now more important than ever.

    The aims are to help promote and support The Enid
    in their efforts to be able to put on
    the best possible shows in the finest venues
    in front of an ever growing audience.


    In an age where word of mouth and

    social networks dominate,

    it is the band's fans who will

    dictate what becomes of The Enid.

    Join us and help

    make something that can last.


    The Tryst - What we can do Together

    Says Robert John Godfrey: "The Enidi and the band together are like a great pipe organ - the king of instruments. The largest pipes of a great pipe organ provide the rock - the solid foundation upon which the music is built - and are fewer in number. The smaller pipes are much more numerous and provide the thrilling textures and rich harmonics without which the music would be very dull. The Enidi and the band together are like such a great creative instrument."

    "A new generation of young gifted musicians has now established itself in a stable and dedicated band line up and they are in it for the long haul. Between them, they have both the imagination and creative gifts capable of achieving something truly magnificent. But they cannot do it without help and support from us - their fans."

    Achievements since 2009

    Include releases of two major studio albums, Journey's End and Invicta; Milestone live Double CD  recording of The Enid with the City Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra; Three albums in the Arise and Shine series; historic EMI recordings available again; DVDs of Birmingham Town Hall, Hammersmith Odeon 1979 and Loreley (Free to Enidi Members Only)

    Touring has gone from strength to strength including gigs and festivals in the UK, USA, France, Belgium, Portugal, Germany and Holland. 2011 witnessed the Symphonic Art Rock event of the year with the music of The Enid for the first time heard in all its orchestral glory with the CBSO; 2013 Guardian Reader's Poll top 10 for Invicta; two sell out shows in 2014 including the 40th aniversary at MK Stables.


    The Enidi membership is steadily growing and soon it will reach critical mass. When it does, the band will be in a position to do something really wonderful with the live shows. The Enid are a Marmite band, either hated or loved with little in between. As such they are entirely dependent on real music lovers for their existence. The contributions and work provided by us, the Enidi members, both collectively and as individuals is vital. 

    The band is in your hands

    It takes hundreds of hours of creative work costing many thousands of pounds to produce an album like Invicta.

    The days of big record companies spending money on expensive works of art are long gone. Nor is there an Arts Council willing to support this sort of thing on the grounds that there are apparently sufficient commercial avenues available. Yet we now live in a world where people don't expect to pay for music when they can so easily download from the Internet for free.

    This state of affairs has led to limitless  choice from a vast mountain of largely shallow revamped rubbish produced on the cheap. The only place funding for a band like us can possibly come from is the fans.

    They will need to be true music lovers and be ready to step collectively into the shoes of good old fashioned patronage to support the future of bands like The Enid. Elsewise the likes of us and all those other potential bands of the future with big ideas about music will fade into the shadows.

    Make a Little history

    Join The Enidi - Help to create something magnificent that can last - Join Up Now!

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