One and the Many

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Joe Payne The Enid  Andy Paradise 2012I give you a first taste of INVICTA! When I was writing the lyrics, this particular line came to me instantly. Why? Well, I always say that the best lyrics are honest lyrics. How can you believe in them if I don't, right? 

"We are one and the many. One united front, our hearts are heavy. We are one and the many. Standing steady. Ready to fight for our home."

What's it all about?

These words illustrate the strength of the Enidi, who time and time again prove themselves to be a force which the band simply couldn't live without. This "united front" dates all the way back to the 1980s, when it was named 'The Stand'. The Enid were the pioneers of this fan club infrastructure, which is slowly becoming much more commonplace in the modern music world. 

Of course we have much appreciated financial support from the Enidi, but I also think that one of the most valuable things people offer us is their time. Time to help us on the road. Time to help organise the filming of our shows. Time to take part in our events. Time to offer us their expertise when we need it, whether it be legal advice or baking amazing German Cheesecakes. (You know who you are!) The list goes on. You just have to look at our forum to see how involved people are. It's amazing, individuals coming together of their own free will. Passionate behaviours which are led by love.

"The jewels are you, and those you loved..."

A Social Species 

Invicta500x501It is in our DNA to be part of a group - linked to our survival, and responsible for our development. How far can we really get on our own? We can each aim to specialise in something, but it's a collaboration of talents which makes any group greater than the sum of it's parts.

I can confidently say that INVICTA is to be a great album. It comes from all of us, utilising the best abilities of the entire line up. This album is both topical and emotional. So I thank everyone in the Enidi for supporting us in the making of INVICTA, the production of our show at Watford Colosseum, and helping us to spread the word. You truly are the "jewels".



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