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PiratesWARNING: Inner Sanctum Records are releasing what they are calling a "Redux" version of Touch Me.

It is, in reality, just a re-packaging scam. They don't possess or own the original masters for the tracks mentioned in their sales spiel and based on their previous record, the quality is likely to be compromised.

Remember! These are the people who bootlegged the original EMI recordings of In The Region Of The Summer Stars and Aerie Faerie Nonsense and released them as "digitally remastered". In fact they were extremely poor quality rips from old vinyl and EMI had to take legal action to put and end to this piracy. Many of you were caught by this scam.

The Enid have no connection with Inner Sanctum Records

To avoid confusion and to protect you and our own good name and reputation,The Enid will be making all these tracks together with original artwork available for download free of charge.

If you have already pre ordered this from Inner Sanctum expecting something special, you should demand your money back. You could report them to trading standards.


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