Prog Mag: best Band, Vocalist and Keyboard Player of The Year!

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We are delighted to announce that the The Enid have been voted band of the year in the Prog Magazine Reader's Poll! Not only that but Joe Payne was voted top vocalist and Robert John Godfrey top keyboard player. Jason Ducker came in at number 5 in the guitarist's vote, Dave Storey came number 8 amongst the drummers, The Bridge Show at Union Chapel came in at number 7, The Bridge album number 3 album of the year. Joe and Robert also got voted 7th and 2nd in Man of the Year. 

Join the "Dust Club"

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Join the "Dust Club" to HEAR TRACKS from the new album now!

Prog Mag LogoFollowing the announcement of the Dust album release date on Prog Magazine’s website today, we have a little announcement of our own: The moment we've all been waiting for...

We are pleased to announce that our brand new album "Dust" will be available on pre-sale this week via our website (click here to proceed to our safe, secure, online shop).

dust front 500x444DUST CLUB

The physical release of this album will not be available until Friday 1st April 2016. However, those who pre-order Dust will automatically join our bespoke and exclusive "Dust Club".

Dust Club members will be able to privately stream our brand new tracks in advance, starting with one of the stand out songs from the album, 1000 Stars. From November until April we will upload an additional track each month for you to enjoy. These songs will not be made available anywhere else other than to those who pre-order the Dust album.

Furthermore, by pre-ordering "Dust" you will receive a personal "thank you" in the album's artwork; an acknowledgement of your faith and support. The band rely on pre-orders to enable us to survive during the months spent in the studio and we are truly grateful.

A lot of love and care has been put into the writing and recording of these new songs. We are immensely proud of the results and cannot wait to share them with you. Click here to view the album details and track-listing.

As ever, if you have any queries please email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will be performing the Dust album live in its entirety during the upcoming tour and look forward to seeing you there. 

The First Enidi BBQ

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Enidi BBQ 2015 4

At last the long awaited day dawned and we set off on the long journey North. The SatNav said it would take 3 hours and 57 mins but miraculously in just under 3 hours we found ourselves only 10 minutes from our destination. The scenery was stunning so we stopped at a roadside burger van for the best ever breakfast baps and that set the tone for a day full of "best evers".

Enidi BBQ 2015

On arrival we were given a warm welcome by Richard (the host) and were awestruck by the setting for the party. We found a hive of activity lead by Joe slicing mountains of veggies for the feast, Robert master minding something on his iPad and a number of technicians erecting marquees and setting up the bands equipment. Our first duty was to sort out the parking arrangements which meant a flying visit to a most accommodating local farmer to get his cows moved and a fence opened up.

Enidi BBQ 2015 2The faithful began to arrive, everyone in party mood and blown away by the location. The bar was doing a brisk trade in local ale, appropriately named Thirst Born (a nod to First Light & Earthborn maybe??) and the sumptuous feast of a numerous different salads (lovingly prepared by Joe) and traditional BBQ fayre was tucked into by all, followed by strawberries and cream for those who had room! Robert charmed everyone by giving an impromptu concert on the piano and the band were mingling with all their adoring fans. The only person missing was poor Max who had been laid low by some fiendish bug.

After everyone had eaten themselves to a stand still there was a period of postprandial contemplation and chatter. Then an air of delicious anticipation took over as everyone started to take up their positions for the highlight of the whole event. There was a hint of anxiety too as we all wondered if Max would be well enough to appear. We need not have worried as, trooper that he is, he gathered all his strength and emerged to cheers and encouragement. So Max, Joe, Robert, Jason, Dave & Dom took to the stage and our hearts soared as we were treated to a unique experience, The Enid at their very best, perfect acoustics and the most wonderful setting on an English summer evening.

Enidi BBQ 2015 5They opened in a burst of nostalgia with Judgement and In the Region of the Summer Stars, taking us back to 1976 (so Joe said but that was before my time!!). Then an energetic and mischievous Who Created Me followed by the dark driving beat of Witch Hunt. Next was Leviticus which had the crowd singing back with gusto and they closed the first set with the one of their most recent songs Someone Shall Rise, which has a haunting melody and has become many peoples "earworm".

Enidi BBQ 2015 3An unexpected high light was a guest appearance by Little Max who joined the boys on stage, seemingly to check that Max was ok and that Joe was behaving himself before wandering off again and returning to take a nonchalant bow. What a pro!

At the end of the first half Robert gave a heart warming and honest glimpse into the future of the band and his role as Master of The Enidi, which he will take on soon, after a very special project with Jason. He introduced the newest recruit, Zac, who will be joining next year to bring his multi instrumental talent to take The Enid forward on their journey as they evolve and reach new appreciative audiences.    

The second half began with a big surprise with the classic Chaldean Crossing. This seems to have been many peoples first introduction to The Enid and from the reaction it will now be a favourite with those who heard it for the first time. Joe then returned to the stage after a brief taste of what the audience were experiencing and gave us the whimsical and much loved Summer melting into Something Wicked. Joe then introduced us to a brand new song 1000 Stars which has a very intriguing source for the lyrics and compelling memorable music. If this is a taste of the next tour "Dust" we cannot wait for 30 October at The Stable Milton Keynes for the unveiling. The second set closed with an awesome (in the true sense of the word) version of Dark Hydraulic which had everyone on their feet cheering for more.

Enidi BBQ 2015 1

Fittingly the encore was introduced by Robert who revealed that he had lived in the area for a while and that with one of his great friends and fellow member of Barclay James Harvest had spent many hours walking on the moors. So he dedicated Mocking Bird to the memory of Woolly Wolstenholme. I am sure that his spirit was roused by the crescendo of sound that brought this amazing, perfect day to an end.

Thank you SO much to Richard for opening up his beautiful grounds to the "disparate bunch" as Robert called us and to everyone who worked so hard to make the day such a resounding success. We all knew that The Enid are a very special group of musicians and lovely people but which other bands would give their fans so much back?

My only regret was that it was all over so soon but perhaps we can do it all again next year????

Dust Tour Shows Now Confirmed

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It is with great excitement that we can now announce all the dates of the DUST tour. An ambitious audio-visual production, there will be 10 performances of 'Dust' from October 2015 to April 2016.

Dust is being directed by illusionist Simon Drake, best know for his work on Kate Bush’s Tour of Life and Channel 4’s Secret Cabaret. We’re incredibly lucky to have Simon’s support. With Dust you’ll see the results of our eccentric minds coming together. The shows will be as mad as we are – if that’s possible.

Please remember, if you join the Enidi you can save 10% on tickets for all Dust shows taking place after opening night at The Stables, Milton Keynes. Learn more at



DUST: Upcoming Dates

Citadel 2St. Helens, The Citadel

Saturday 13th February 2016

CLICK HERE for tickets!

Leeds CarriageworksLeeds, Carriageworks Theatre

Friday 26th February 2016

CLICK HERE for tickets!

CCA GlasgowGlasgow, Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA)

Saturday 5th March 2016 This show will be a standing event.

CLICK HERE for tickets!

redgrave bristolBristol, The Redgrave Theatre

Friday 18th March 2016

CLICK HERE for tickets.

Cadogan HallLondon, Cadogan Hall

Saturday 2nd April 2016

CLICK HERE for tickets!

The band have chosen the Cadogan Hall as our final stop for this tour for a number of great reasons. Firstly, unlike most ambient music halls in central London the Cadogan Hall is not subject to any silly noise regulations, meaning we can really give it to you in our full dynamic range. Secondly it is the home of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and the ambience of the room is simply perfect for our sound. Finally, the Cadogan Hall has a huge stage and flexible facilities available, allowing us to put on a show without limits.

The hall also comes with separate event rooms which the band will be using to host a small intimate after-show reception. This is exclusively open to Enidi ticket holders, only. Join now at

Summer Shows 2015

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notp 2015 poster finalNight of the Prog Festival - Loreley Amphitheatre (DE)

Sat 18th July

Please CLICK HERE for tickets.

The profile of this festival has been on the rise for years, and this year couldn't have hoped for a better line up of acts.

FISH will be headlining on the Saturday night, as we also share the bill with Riverside, Lazuli, Sylvan, IO Earth and Luna Kiss. If you wanted to make a full weekend of it, other headliners include STEVE HACKETT and CAMEL.

Musician Pub

The Musician Pub, Leicester (UK)

Fri 31st July

Please CLICK HERE for tickets.

One of our favourite venues, we're returning to the Musician for the third year in a row. Why? Because you couldn't ask for a nicer more passionate group of people promoting and running a venue. It has an atmosphere saturated with positive energy, and these guys really care about the acts they invite. We hope you'll support them as much as you're supporting us.

We will have support from Progressive-Acoustic act, Jack Arthurs.

PPR Festival 2015Progressive Promotion Festival, Rüsselsheim (DE)

Fri 11th Sept

Please CLICK HERE for tickets.

Taking place inside an intimate theatre, this event is for a capacity of just 300 people! Please book your tickets as soon as possible, as this event has been known to sell out quite far in advance.

With an international list of acts, the festival will also include performances from CAST, RPWL, TNNE, SYLVIUM, SEVEN STEPS TO THE GREEN DOOR, LIGHT DAMAGE and UNTO US.

The Bridge Show - Live at Union Chapel

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We are delighted to announce the launch of our latest live concert CD and video, The Bridge Show! 

The concert was recorded and filmed at the Union Chapel, London on Tuesday 31st March 2015 by EnidLive and Jeff Cousins. Friday 4th September 2015 sees the official release of the concert video and sound-track. The proceeds from those of you who pre-order now will be helping us to fund the ambitious DUST TOUR which begins in October.


Set in the make-believe world of ENILAND, the show opens with the fictional character QUEEN ENID addressing the audience with a speech entitled “ENILAND CAN TAKE IT”. The performance continues to use videos throughout the show to pose cynical questions about the strengths and dangers of nationalism, capitalism, entitlement, smoke-screen government projects, free-press, propaganda and self-sacrifice.

Double CD-DVD Digipak

Bridge Union Chapel CD DVD front 500 x 461CD1:

  1. Land of Hope and Glory "Eniland Can Take It"
  2. One and the Many
  3. "Welcome to Eniland"
  4. Terra Firma
  5. Earthborn
  6. Witch Hunt
  7. "Project Mars"
  8. My Gravity-Malacandra
  9. Dark Hydraulic "Common Enemy"


  1. Wings
  2. "A Sickness of the Mind"
  3. Something Wicked This Way Comes
  4. Leviticus
  5. Someone Shall Rise
  6. Judgement
  7. Shiva
  8. Encore

DVD: Full Concert.

Please CLICK HERE to see this item listed on The Enid Shop!


Bridge Union Chapel Blu Ray front 500 x 577By owning a copy of the Blu-Ray, you will be able to see and hear the full length 2 hour concert in all it's High Definition and Surround Sound glory!

Bonus material includes:

  • Extended interviews with individual members of the band.
  • Deleted scenes from the tour.
  • Live recordings from the tour of Space Surfing, Execution Mob and In the Region of the Summer Stars.
  • An exclusive performance of 'til We're Old from Robert John Godfrey and Joe Payne.

Please CLICK HERE to see this item listed on The Enid Shop!


“An experience that lives way beyond the confines of this time, this space. It's The Enid entering the most enticing, engaging and engrossing phase of their career.” Malcolm Dome, Prog Magazine

"If you have the opportunity to attend this show, jump! The musicianship is outstanding and the keyboard playing sublime. A seated gig, no mosh pit, and a complete delight." Tony Colvill, The Progressive Aspect

"If this show is your first introduction to the band don't be surprised if you sit open-mouthed through much of it and go in search of more." Liz Medhurst, Metal Talk

"Resourceful, constantly inventive, The Enid provided us with an endless succession of ideas and moods – offered without restrictions – filled with colours and intensity. Provocative, dramatic and incredibly inspiring." Neil Mach, Raw Ramp Music Magazine

"In what would turn out to be a masterclass of prog rock, The Enid transcend mere prog to deliver an exquisite performance of musical delight and visual splendour." Simon Dunkerley, Get Ready To Rock

"I really struggle to put them into a genre or even sub-genre as I think they have just rewritten the rule book and created their own category." Sabrina Beever, Get Your Rock Out

Summer 2015

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Enidi BBQ 2015

enidi oak no background 200x200DATE: Sunday 9th August 2015

This year The Enid will be holding the first ever Enidi Summer BBQ!

With the convention on October 3rd 2015 being sold out, we decided to arrange a second, but very different event. This event will be taking place outside on the grounds of an Enidi member's home in Saddleworth, and will be a real party event complete with BBQ food and a bar provided by the local pub.

We would like to thank this Enidi member (who wishes to remain anonymous) for their generosity in providing the space and facilities for this event!

Schedule for the day

1pm - Arrivals and socialising.

3pm - Food is made available in the style of a buffet.

7pm - The Enid perform a show well into the sunset.

Event Address

Saddleworth, UK

BBQ Menu

Rather than the usual sit-down meal we have at conventions, we have decided it would be nice to take advantage of what we hope to be a some glorious summer weather. So with this in mind we would like to invite you to bring a picnic blanket and sit comfortably on the grass as we enjoy drinks, food and good company together. If the weather isn't ideal, don't worry as we will also have a marquee available just in case! :-)

Robert John Godfrey and Max Read will be in charge of the Barbecue, cooking a wide selection of quality meat for everyone.

Joe Payne is taking responsibility for the rest of the buffet which will be 100% vegetarian.

Enidi Convention 2015 **** NOW SOLD OUT! *****


DATE: Saturday 3rd October 2015

Con2014Food 3This year's convention will take place across two venues in Northampton to accommodate more Enidi members. The event will be ticketed, and we have room limited to 150 guests. Based on last years attendance and growth of the Enidi, we encourage you to book early as there is a possibility we could reach full capacity.

We've been listening very carefully to your collective feedback, and this year we will be hosting the convention a little earlier in the year so that members are less restricted by the festive season. We also plan to keep the event intimate, with attention to the high quality food and entertainment you have come to expect and enjoy.

Luxury Enidi Feast

First we will be serving a tasty sit down dinner, cooked by the band. This will take place in Bar So, the venue in which the last two conventions have been held. There will be room for even more people this year as we will not be doing the performance in the same venue.

Private Performance

This year we will be moving across to the Racehorse Pub a few doors down for a private performance. The last few conventions have proven a little tricky with logistics of clearing up the venue after eating before doing a show. This year we will have less limitations with space and curfews, allowing us to spend more time being social with everyone.

Tickets for the Enidi Summer BBQ

Enidi Convention Ticket 2015

***Tickets for the event are available exclusively to the Enidi from The Enid Shop. Please log in to your Enidi Account and CLICK HERE to purchase your tickets for the event. (Please note, a printable e-ticket will be emailed directly to you by Joe before the event. Each Enidi member can purchase up to 4 tickets.)


New Music Preview Shows

We also have a few very special new music preview shows and festivals lined up for you this summer. We will be using these opportunities to practice and develop our new material from 'Dust' before it's completion and release. If you can support us, we would love to see you at one of the following events:

Thurs 11th June - The Robin 2, Bilston (UK) - Please CLICK HERE for tickets.
Sat 18th July - Night of the Prog Festival - Loreley Amphitheatre (DE) - Please CLICK HERE for tickets.
Fri 31st July - The Musician Pub, Leicester (UK) - Please CLICK HERE for tickets.
Fri 11th Sept - Progressive Promotion Festival, Rüsselsheim (DE) - Please CLICK HERE for tickets.


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