Robert Godfrey wins "Visionary" award

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Prog Awards 2014

We hope you will join us in congratulating Robert in receiving a thoroughly deserved and long overdue award for his "Visionary" achievements at the Progressive Music Awards 2014.

Held in the Globe Theatre on the banks of the Thames, The award was presented by Newsnight's Gavin Esler, and the Editor of Prog Magazine himself, Jerry Ewing.

CLICK HERE to watch Robert's full speech on YouTube. Apologies for the amateur filming, but we thought you might like to share the moment with us.

"It's an absolute joy to see this man back on stage and creating absolutely wonderful far reaching music that is truly ground breaking." Jerry Ewing, Prog Magazine Editor

"The real burning fire of inventiveness - of wanting to succeed - is going to be with the young. So let's do our best to involve the younger generation and hand to them the very substantial musical skills that we in this room have acquired over the course of our lives, by the hard work and graft and determination that we've given to our music." Robert John Godfrey.

Photo: Martin Reijman

Enid Hug Before Show

The Bridge Tour 

At the end of September, the band will be announcing 7 official Enid dates, taking place across the UK. These are all seated venues as we'll be promoting our classical release The Bridge, coming January 2015.

Concerts will take place January through to March, as well as a few festivals including HRH Prog 3 and Giants of Rock.

We really hope that you can make it to a show. We'll be showing up in Glasgow, Leeds, Gloucester, Southampton, Devon, Hertfordshire and Kent and we are promising something unmissable!

First Light Shows

First Light Shows

First Light - an album of previews - will be finished this week, ready for two shows in October.

The band believe this new material vastly exceeds the standards set by Invicta. You can hear it first by attending concerts at:



First Light

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A Special Digipak CD Release Previewing Two New Tracks
+ A Few Surprises


Singing For Our Supper?

Robert Stables 2014Robert Says:

"Very few bands working within the independent sector of the music business (however dedicated) try to earn their living through their music. Most treat the bands they play with as hobbies, often subsidising the costs of running the band from income from the “day jobs”."

"The Enid is the exception because the band is “the day job” from which everything has to be funded, from toilet rolls to recording costs to legal fees. A day may come when the individual members of the band will be able to afford homes of their own and all that that entails but for now and the foreseeable future they live as one in a single musical family; one kitchen, one dinner table, one living room, one bathroom, one vehicle."

"The band is back in Germany after a successful appearance at the Resonance Festival in the UK. Max, Joe, Dom and Jason are at work by 8am every morning creating the new music and running the business."

"It is to fund the time between now and the major releases due next year that we are announcing this special “keeping the band alive” release. And I can put my hand on my heart and tell you without doubt that the new albums will be the best yet. So help us by pre-ordering this release."


Joe Stables 2014Joe Says:

"Something new from The Enid feels like it's been a long time coming. As we all know, great quality requires more time invested. We are finally ready to give you something!"

"This preview album will feature two new pieces from The Enid. The first of these new tracks will sample from 'Reset' (third in the trilogy - working title) and will be the only opportunity to own any work from this album, approximately 9 months ahead of its expected release."

"The second of the new tracks will be a taster from the Classical Album which is planned for release in the new year."

"First Light will also include a selection of revisited tracks, including the latest version of Mockingbird as well as updated arrangements and performances of familiar tracks from the new generation. The band and its new material has developed so much since the release of Invicta, and these tracks aim to demonstrate exactly that."

Available for Pre-Order Todaythe enid first light

This album is available for pre-order now, and will be released on the 6th October to coincide with 'Live Preview Shows' taking place in London and Belgium in October (show dates to be confirmed shortly).

There is only one place to get a copy of First Light, and that is directly from The Enid Shop on the band's official website. This will NOT be available for streaming or download.

Order your copy before we run out here.

Those who Pre-Order will be Personally Thanked in the Artwork

Please note, we will not be able to include any more names after the 21st September, as the Artwork will need to be finalised for the printing press.

Our motivation for producing this album is double threaded.

Firstly we would like to build momentum in the lead up to the two new album launches next year, and the best way to do this is to give you a taste of what's to come.

Secondly, we do not want to rush these projects. They ought to have as much time and love as they need in order to be refined. I predict that Reset will be the greatest Enid record of all time, as long as we maintain this attitude.

So we must keep a cash flow in order to sustain ourselves. Buying this preview album is an easy way to support the band so that we can spend every single moment of our time on this music. Remember, none of us have day jobs. We dedicate our lives solely to this.

Limited Print Run of Just 1000 Copies

We will be limiting this release to just 1000 copies, because we want it to be exclusive to the people who support us in what we are doing, now.

So when they're gone, they're gone! 

We will not release Reset until we feel 100% happy. It will take as long as it needs to take, and will be all the better for it.




A Night of Splendour - "Wow"

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mk stables 2014"Wow" was a word used extensively last weekend. A response to so many things. 

Wow, because Aerie Faerie Nonsense was played in full, and in a way never experienced before.

Wow, because the show sold out, and we were able to celebrate with every dynamic of music lover, including some who had never seen The Enid before.

Wow, because Dominic Tofield's first performance was exceptional on his part, and the audience treated him with the respect you would give someone who had been there forever. Thank you all for that.

Wow, because the surprises in the first set received such an emotional response, reflecting the strength of the current line up and our modern material.

Wow, because people came so far to be there.

Wow, because not only has this timeless music has survived 40 years, but also continues to seed and grow.

We could go on forever; there was so much to celebrate! Thank you to all who were there to share the moment with us. 

Our Summer Plans

Our next show is at THE MET in BURY, Greater Manchester, on Friday 20th June. We've decided to repeat the 40th Anniversary Show for our friends up north. We are recording these shows, and plan to use the best moments to produce a 40th Anniversary Live CD as the exclusive Enidi gift this year. There are still some tickets left, but limited to availability. CLICK HERE to book seats before this show sells out too!

There are also a few festivals to look forward to this Summer:


Apart from playing these festivals, those of us who have managed to completely escape from any other responsibilities outside the band (Max, Joe, Jason, Dom and Robert) will be spending the entire summer in our German retreat, working hard on developing the material for our next release. We will also be making some more videos for you to enjoy and share. This would not be possible without the assistance the band receive from The Enidi and the proceeds from sales of records and other merchandise from Enid HQ. Members of The Enidi will also be manning the shop while the band are away so you can still get your orders in and help to keep the band in Bratwurst!

T-Shirts, Vinyl and all sorts of new merchandise!leviticus - mock up T-shirt woman light pink

Dominic - both a qualified graphic designer as well as a talented multi-instrumentalist - has been working hard for us to create a whole new set of attractive T-Shirt designs, with a new psychedelic version added just this week. The shirts are Fruit of The Loom and are being made to order, so you can get any design, colour or size you want! By popular request, we also have most of them available in women's V-Neck cuts now too - great for the summer. Enhance your wardrobe and help out the band at the same time!

CLICK HERE to check out The Enid's official shop.



Witch Hunt - Film Coming Easter Monday!

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Witch hunt banner low res


It's all very exciting! This short film to accompany our piece Witch Hunt from the 2012 studio album Invicta has been a long time in the making, and we can finally announce that it will be launched next week. Classic Rock Presents PROG have got behind us, and the public will be invited to get a first look at the video via their website -

Please find an opportunity to visit the article when it goes live on the PROG website at Noon on Monday 21st April. We'll be grateful for any comments you can leave for others to read. This is likely to attract the attention of lots of new music lovers who until now may not have experienced The Enid.

Thank you to all those who invested their time, money and expertise into this project. We couldn't have done it without you.

"What we fear most in life is ourselves: Witch Hunt is an examination of the bigotry and prejudice we see all around us every day of our lives. Accordingly the music is on a collision course with itself – a composition really in 7/8 masquerading as a straight piece of rock music in 4/4.

Even the seven note scale is artificial, for it cannot be described with any key signature without resorting to double sharps or flats on the stave (which is “not allowed”)." Robert John Godfrey



Shop now back online

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The maintainance has now been completed. The shop is now back online and should be performing much better!


The EnidiPlayer is Back!

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The Enidiplayer is now fully working again after Palmer's cruel sabotage took down all the Enidi's Soundcloud files.

A very kind friend has donated some bandwidth and server space free of charge.

What is the Enidplayer?

The Enidiplayer is free to use for all members of The Enidi. It contains the band's entire back catalogue.


Palmer takes out Enid Soundcloud

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Gerald Palmer (owner of the band's former record label)  has contacted Soundcloud and claimed ownership of all the Enid's copyrights. This has resulted in Soundcloud removing all content, hence the Enidiplayer will no longer work. Here's the Email from Soundcloud:

"Hey The Enid,

SoundCloud Copyright Team here, we wanted to get in touch because it has been brought to our attention that you are hosting private tracks that you don't have all the proper rights and permissions in place to upload to your profile, and then charging people to gain access to them.

Please remove all tracks from your profile immediately. You have 24 hours to comply with this request before we will be forced to suspend your profile until you can sort out the situation offline with the reporting user.

Gerald Palmer has gotten in touch with us to let us know that as a copyright owner of these tracks, he objects to this use of them. As a rights holder, he has the right to ask for these to be removed, and we are giving you 24 hours to comply with this action.

Please understand that since SoundCloud is a sound sharing platform, it is not up to us to mediate these disputes, and you'll have to get in touch with each other and work the situation out amicably or in a court of law if you'd like to proceed that way.

Thanks for understanding that we have to proceed this way in order to comply with copyright law, and to make sure that there is no infringement taking place on SoundCloud.


SoundCloud Copyright Team"


The legal battle is still ongoing. Until there is some resolution, Palmer will continue to play the legal system to his advantage in order to cause harm to the band.

In the mean time, the content will be relocated and we'll be up and running again as soon as possible.


Tring - A Sell Out and a Success!

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Enid Tring Montage

Performing on home turf is never easy for any musician, especially when you've been away for a few years. For me, it was terrifying. Nervously I waited to see if anyone would buy tickets for this show at all. To my surprise and relief we had a sell out! All that praying must have paid off.

This show was our first "sit down" affair in well over a year (apart from the Gouveia Art Rock Festival in Portugal last Spring) and it needed to be special. After every performance since I've joined The Enid, we recieve some feedback indicating we are moving forward in some way. It was essential that we continued to prove this, especially in our 40th Anniversary year.

So, with multiple standing ovations throughout the show and some new Enidi subscriptions on the night, we feel we've had a pretty fantastic start to 2014. Here are some quotes from the audience who I believe can provide a better synopsis of the evening that I ever could:

"Fantastic night last night - well done guys." M.White

"Excellent gig last night. Looking forward to hearing the new set and 'Vox Enidi' later this year." R.Clews

"Still in awe after an incredible first half at Tring. For me, the best I've heard the band, absolutely amazing boys! Looking forward to the second half." W.Moore

"Just back from seeing @therealenid tonight in Tring. Wonderful show in singer Joe's backyard." C.Rowand

"Now, I've no idea how many Enid gigs I've been to but this was one of the very best. It just seemed that the band have raised their game even further since last year. Combined with a great venue and enthusiastic crowd it was an absolute corker. I'll try to make it to as many gigs as I can this year, because at 40 years old, The Enid is truly an astonishing thing to behold!" P.Winser

"It was a very special show and what a way to kick start 2014. A full house and made very welcome by the volunteers on the night." M.Alex

"A rainy Saturday night in Tring was blessed with the beautiful music and the family like warmth and affection that happens at an Enid gathering. It was great to see the young Enidlets showing their plumage as they develop into prime musical maturity, wonderful stuff!" L.Rousell

"Thought last night's set was magnificent. The music felt rejuvenated and vibrant. Think we have possibly just witnessed the turning point for the band in light of the things Robert has been saying recently. There were loads of little extras throughout the performance and it shows how hard they've been working. One little niggle though, if the band introductions are going to be that long, then maybe do them at the start of the second set where they won't interrupt the flow of the performance. But back on a positive note. Salome!! Spellbinding!! The highlight for me and a sign of things to come." S.Brown

"A great night and I managed not to fall in the rather swollen pond in Aldbury on my way back to my digs (the Greyhound)." I.Long

"Just home after another great gig. Highlights would probably be 'One and the Many', a very powerful Witch Hunt and 'Salome' which blew me away! These guys are really getting it together now - can't wait for the next outing." B.Fletton

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