Summer Shows 2015

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notp 2015 poster finalNight of the Prog Festival - Loreley Amphitheatre (DE)

Sat 18th July

Please CLICK HERE for tickets.

The profile of this festival has been on the rise for years, and this year couldn't have hoped for a better line up of acts.

FISH will be headlining on the Saturday night, as we also share the bill with Riverside, Lazuli, Sylvan, IO Earth and Luna Kiss. If you wanted to make a full weekend of it, other headliners include STEVE HACKETT and CAMEL.

Musician Pub

The Musician Pub, Leicester (UK)

Fri 31st July

Please CLICK HERE for tickets.

One of our favourite venues, we're returning to the Musician for the third year in a row. Why? Because you couldn't ask for a nicer more passionate group of people promoting and running a venue. It has an atmosphere saturated with positive energy, and these guys really care about the acts they invite. We hope you'll support them as much as you're supporting us.

We will have support from Progressive-Acoustic act, Jack Arthurs.

PPR Festival 2015Progressive Promotion Festival, Rüsselsheim (DE)

Fri 11th Sept

Please CLICK HERE for tickets.

Taking place inside an intimate theatre, this event is for a capacity of just 300 people! Please book your tickets as soon as possible, as this event has been known to sell out quite far in advance.

With an international list of acts, the festival will also include performances from CAST, RPWL, TNNE, SYLVIUM, SEVEN STEPS TO THE GREEN DOOR, LIGHT DAMAGE and UNTO US.


The Bridge Show - Live at Union Chapel

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We are delighted to announce the launch of our latest live concert CD and video, The Bridge Show! 

The concert was recorded and filmed at the Union Chapel, London on Tuesday 31st March 2015 by EnidLive and Jeff Cousins. Friday 4th September 2015 sees the official release of the concert video and sound-track. The proceeds from those of you who pre-order now will be helping us to fund the ambitious DUST TOUR which begins in October.


Set in the make-believe world of ENILAND, the show opens with the fictional character QUEEN ENID addressing the audience with a speech entitled “ENILAND CAN TAKE IT”. The performance continues to use videos throughout the show to pose cynical questions about the strengths and dangers of nationalism, capitalism, entitlement, smoke-screen government projects, free-press, propaganda and self-sacrifice.

Double CD-DVD Digipak

Bridge Union Chapel CD DVD front 500 x 461CD1:

  1. Land of Hope and Glory "Eniland Can Take It"
  2. One and the Many
  3. "Welcome to Eniland"
  4. Terra Firma
  5. Earthborn
  6. Witch Hunt
  7. "Project Mars"
  8. My Gravity-Malacandra
  9. Dark Hydraulic "Common Enemy"


  1. Wings
  2. "A Sickness of the Mind"
  3. Something Wicked This Way Comes
  4. Leviticus
  5. Someone Shall Rise
  6. Judgement
  7. Shiva
  8. Encore

DVD: Full Concert.

Please CLICK HERE to see this item listed on The Enid Shop!


Bridge Union Chapel Blu Ray front 500 x 577By owning a copy of the Blu-Ray, you will be able to see and hear the full length 2 hour concert in all it's High Definition and Surround Sound glory!

Bonus material includes:

  • Extended interviews with individual members of the band.
  • Deleted scenes from the tour.
  • Live recordings from the tour of Space Surfing, Execution Mob and In the Region of the Summer Stars.
  • An exclusive performance of 'til We're Old from Robert John Godfrey and Joe Payne.

Please CLICK HERE to see this item listed on The Enid Shop!


“An experience that lives way beyond the confines of this time, this space. It's The Enid entering the most enticing, engaging and engrossing phase of their career.” Malcolm Dome, Prog Magazine

"If you have the opportunity to attend this show, jump! The musicianship is outstanding and the keyboard playing sublime. A seated gig, no mosh pit, and a complete delight." Tony Colvill, The Progressive Aspect

"If this show is your first introduction to the band don't be surprised if you sit open-mouthed through much of it and go in search of more." Liz Medhurst, Metal Talk

"Resourceful, constantly inventive, The Enid provided us with an endless succession of ideas and moods – offered without restrictions – filled with colours and intensity. Provocative, dramatic and incredibly inspiring." Neil Mach, Raw Ramp Music Magazine

"In what would turn out to be a masterclass of prog rock, The Enid transcend mere prog to deliver an exquisite performance of musical delight and visual splendour." Simon Dunkerley, Get Ready To Rock

"I really struggle to put them into a genre or even sub-genre as I think they have just rewritten the rule book and created their own category." Sabrina Beever, Get Your Rock Out


Summer 2015

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Enidi BBQ 2015

enidi oak no background 200x200DATE: Sunday 9th August 2015

This year The Enid will be holding the first ever Enidi Summer BBQ!

With the convention on October 3rd 2015 being sold out, we decided to arrange a second, but very different event. This event will be taking place outside on the grounds of an Enidi member's home in Saddleworth, and will be a real party event complete with BBQ food and a bar provided by the local pub.

We would like to thank this Enidi member (who wishes to remain anonymous) for their generosity in providing the space and facilities for this event!

Schedule for the day

1pm - Arrivals and socialising.

3pm - Food is made available in the style of a buffet.

7pm - The Enid perform a show well into the sunset.

Event Address

Saddleworth, UK

BBQ Menu

Rather than the usual sit-down meal we have at conventions, we have decided it would be nice to take advantage of what we hope to be a some glorious summer weather. So with this in mind we would like to invite you to bring a picnic blanket and sit comfortably on the grass as we enjoy drinks, food and good company together. If the weather isn't ideal, don't worry as we will also have a marquee available just in case! :-)

Robert John Godfrey and Max Read will be in charge of the Barbecue, cooking a wide selection of quality meat for everyone.

Joe Payne is taking responsibility for the rest of the buffet which will be 100% vegetarian.

Enidi Convention 2015 **** NOW SOLD OUT! *****


DATE: Saturday 3rd October 2015

Con2014Food 3This year's convention will take place across two venues in Northampton to accommodate more Enidi members. The event will be ticketed, and we have room limited to 150 guests. Based on last years attendance and growth of the Enidi, we encourage you to book early as there is a possibility we could reach full capacity.

We've been listening very carefully to your collective feedback, and this year we will be hosting the convention a little earlier in the year so that members are less restricted by the festive season. We also plan to keep the event intimate, with attention to the high quality food and entertainment you have come to expect and enjoy.

Luxury Enidi Feast

First we will be serving a tasty sit down dinner, cooked by the band. This will take place in Bar So, the venue in which the last two conventions have been held. There will be room for even more people this year as we will not be doing the performance in the same venue.

Private Performance

This year we will be moving across to the Racehorse Pub a few doors down for a private performance. The last few conventions have proven a little tricky with logistics of clearing up the venue after eating before doing a show. This year we will have less limitations with space and curfews, allowing us to spend more time being social with everyone.

Tickets for the Enidi Summer BBQ

Enidi Convention Ticket 2015

***Tickets for the event are available exclusively to the Enidi from The Enid Shop. Please log in to your Enidi Account and CLICK HERE to purchase your tickets for the event. (Please note, a printable e-ticket will be emailed directly to you by Joe before the event. Each Enidi member can purchase up to 4 tickets.)


New Music Preview Shows

We also have a few very special new music preview shows and festivals lined up for you this summer. We will be using these opportunities to practice and develop our new material from 'Dust' before it's completion and release. If you can support us, we would love to see you at one of the following events:

Thurs 11th June - The Robin 2, Bilston (UK) - Please CLICK HERE for tickets.
Sat 18th July - Night of the Prog Festival - Loreley Amphitheatre (DE) - Please CLICK HERE for tickets.
Fri 31st July - The Musician Pub, Leicester (UK) - Please CLICK HERE for tickets.
Fri 11th Sept - Progressive Promotion Festival, Rüsselsheim (DE) - Please CLICK HERE for tickets.



2015: A great year for The Enid!

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What an amazing year 2015 has already been for The Enid, and it's all thanks to you! There have been quite a few things we would like to thank you for, so I will go through them in no particular order, as they are all highly valuable to us.

Prog Magazine Readers' Poll 2014


Joe Payne Best Vocalist 2014The results of the Prog Magazine Readers' Poll for 2014 were officially announced last week. Thanks to your votes and support we were astonished by how well The Enid did this year. Thank you so much.

I am so humbled to have been voted 2014's BEST MALE VOCALIST! I was honestly left speechless when I found out. I was invited to provide the magazine with a quote, in which I said:

"This has come as a real surprise, and I feel totally humbled. Thank you so much to everyone who voted. In previous years I have looked at this poll with admiration for the singers who have topped it, wondering if that could be me one day. I love to learn, seeking out knowledge from the greatest people who will work with me. My entire life has, is and always will be focused towards a personal development. That is why I consider acknowledgements like this one to be the greatest gift. My home is with The Enid and our Enidi family, the people who see potential in me and nurture me. Finding others who can share one vision is a rare thing, and for that I am very blessed."

But it wasn't just me who was blessed with an honour. Quite rightly Robert John Godfrey also admirably credited the 2nd BEST KEYBOARD PLAYER after Rick Wakeman. Considering Wakeman's popularity I think this is a wonderful achievement for Robert. Robert also made your MAN OF THE YEAR Top 10!

As a band, The Enid also made the Poll in other places. Voted by you, we also made it into the TOP 5 BANDS OF THE YEAR, and TOP 5 MULTIMEDIA OF THE YEAR with En Concert à Crescendo.

All of these positions are highly flattering for us. We never would have believed we could rank so highly against some of the most popular names in Progressive Music. It's all because of your support, and we can't thank you enough. The awards have given us an enormous motivational boost in the ambitious choices we are currently making to push the band further!

Appeal For Funds


justice 2This really proved the power of the many, and we have been once again humbled by the sheer scale of support offered to us.

As you may be aware, we needed to gather together £15,000 to continue or legal dispute with Gerald Palmer, owner of Inner Sanctum Records.

With your help we were able to raise all of the money we needed through activity on our shop and donations. We couldn't be more grateful that so many of you gave what you could to aid this cause. The fight for the band's survival continues, but this is a huge leap towards the finish line and we are confident we will win this.

You can CLICK HERE to watch our video about the appeal. The video has had nearly 3,000 views and was kindly shared by many people in the Rock Press.

The Bridge Show


Jason Ducker Bridge Show The EnidThis year we decided to take a huge risk with our live shows, doing something which we believed might divide audiences. These shows were to be something different. Art over nostalgia. A left wing concept and a desire to make the performance more than just a musical experience.

I'll be honest and say that I was terrified to hear peoples opinions of the show. I'm always terrified. Every album we make, every show we design, every choice we make. It's all an artistic expression, and therefore always a risk. You never know if it was a good idea until you see the consequences of your actions.

Thankfully our ambition to create "a seamless show with context" appears to have paid off. Thanks to the excellent press and word of mouth from audiences we have seen ticket sales accelerate. We've already had two sell out shows, and we have now sold a fantastic 1200 tickets for The Bridge Show - a number that continues to rise!

You've given us the confidence to take further steps with our future shows. We will be working on our next show concept with experienced professionals who specialise in stage craft for live music with a CV covering artists as diverse as Kate Bush and Iron Maiden. Where do we go from here? The sky is no longer the limit!


"I really struggle to put them into a genre or even sub genre as I think they have just rewritten the rule book and created their own category." Sabrina Beever, Get Your Rock Out

"If you have the opportunity to attend this show, jump! The musicianship is outstanding and the keyboard playing sublime. A seated gig, no mosh pit, and a complete delight." Tony Colvill, The Progressive Aspect

"If this show is your first introduction to the band don't be surprised if you sit open-mouthed through much of it and go in search of more." Liz Medhurst, Metal Talk

"Resourceful, constantly inventive, The Enid provided us with an endless succession of ideas and moods – offered without restrictions – filled with colours and intensity. Provocative, dramatic and incredibly inspiring." Neil Mach, Raw Ramp Music Magazine

THE BRIDGE SHOW - Upcoming Dates

Bridge poster 500 x 703Sat 21st Feb - GLOUCESTER Guildhall - Please CLICK HERE for tickets.

Fri 6th March - LEEDS Holy Trinity Church - Please CLICK HERE for tickets. (Enidi Discount Available).

Sat 7th March - GLASGOW Websters Theatre - Please CLICK HERE for tickets. 

Tues 31st March - LONDON Union Chapel - Please CLICK HERE for tickets. (Enidi discount available with private link).

**We will also be performing alternative sets at HRH PROG FESTIVAL (UK) on Friday 20th March, and PROG DREAMS FESTIVAL (NL) on Saturday 4th April.

Thank you so much for supporting The Enid. It's been wonderful to see so much positivity about the present and future of the band. In fact, we are delighted to see a sharp growth in memberships for the Enidi which has expanded by 10% in just the last month! Hello, and welcome to our community. :)


Target Reached - Thanks to all

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Enid Donations thermometerI am absolutely delighted to announce that in just over a week we have reached the target of £15,000.00! A massive thank you to all of you who responded to our appeal. We've had a large number of donations, hugely increased activity on The Enid Shop and plenty of new Enidi members. Taken as a whole we have made it.

We will be personally thanking those individuals who made donations and I'll be making a more detailed announcement next week.

It has been decided to leave the donate button in place for a little while longer for those who still wish to support the band in our legal battle. I will keep you all posted as to how things go - the band are very positive about the way 2015 is shaping up. In the mean time, thanks once again.

Max on behalf of The Enid.


Running on Empty

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An appeal for help

I've made a short film to explain our situation. If you can't view it, a transcript is below.


Ways to help

1. Introduce a friend to the band - buy them a CD / Video or T-Shirt.

2. Buy the Crescendo Video, if you haven't already.

3. Pre-order The Bridge, if you haven't already.

4. Join the Enidi and get the free annual CD.

5. Make a donation to The Enidi (use the box on right).

6. If you are able to give more substantial help, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call him on +44(0)1604 251668.


"Times have never been better for the band. A window of opportunity has opened for The Enid with offers coming in from all over the world.

There is large audience out there just waiting to discover us. The key to the future of the band is to find them and create a soundtrack for their lives. Now we have the chance to do just that. We are re-establishing our name in the prog community and have attracted the help we need to move forward following last year’s Progressive Music Awards.

Now retired, Robert has distanced himself from all matters of business, including our legal affairs. That said, he still lives with us in his “granny flat” at Enid HQ, and is a treasured member of our family. We look after him and probably will do to the end of his life.

We absolutely want to make a lasting impression on all people wherever THE BAND goes and whatever it records.
But, we are now facing unexpected legal fees at a time when we have committed every penny to the forthcoming albums and gigs. We need help.

So what’s the trouble? A man called Gerald Palmer, owner of Inner Sanctum Records, the band’s former record label.

As I understand it, Robert once considered Gerald Palmer a close personal friend. Sadly, Palmer has turned out to be what can only be described as a music fan from Hell.
The relationship with Palmer blew up when the band’s manger was trying to sort out the terrible contract that Palmer had persuaded Robert to sign. The band got legal advice and terminated the contract, but since then, he’s used every dirty trick in the book in an attempt to get the band to back down.

We decided to fight Palmer in the courts rather than giving up The Enid’s name and heritage. The court case against him, which is going very well, has reached a crucial stage. Money has to be found to pay our barrister right now and we haven’t got it.

With the help of our barrister we have won every stage of this battle so far. With his continued help we can and will win this case. If we lose, the band may never recover.

If this situation had come up in three months time, we wouldn’t be asking, but we have no one else to turn to. None of us owns anything “big” and raising a conventional loan is impossible. We are running on empty.

In 2014, the band spent £17,000 on legal fees. To defend ourselves at this critical stage, we need to find £15,000 immediately and we’re asking our supporters to help us however you can. Visit the web site and buy a CD, a video or a T-Shirt; make a donation, or if you feel you could manage to do more, drop me an email or call me."


New Live Video Available Now

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The Enid Crescendo 2014Just in time for Christmas, we are really pleased to announce The Enid's first official Live Concert Video release since Birmingham Town Hall in 2010. This will also be the first live footage released since the arrival of Joe Payne in 2011. 

To our joy and surpise, we were recently informed by the organisers of French Progressive Rock Festival CRESCENDO that a local film maker had filmed our entire performance last August. We were totally unaware of the cameras at the time, but having now seen the footage we are blown away by the film's quality.

Luckily for us we had invested in a new self monitoring system this year which allows us to do multi-track recordings of our shows. This has taken some getting used to, but our performance at Crescendo happens to have been recorded by us with no technical difficulties. Therefore we have been able to combine our High Quality audio with the HD video edit from SKOP Art Films to provide a wonderful concert experience for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Max has just completed mixing the soundtrack in 5.1 Surround and it's sounding amazing. We have put up some preview clips for you to enjoy on YouTube. Please CLICK HERE to watch.

Available now, both on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Please CLICK HERE to order your copy now from The Enid Shop.


The Bridge

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 The Bridge - 440 x 400


We are please to announce the release of our long awaited album of classical music, The Bridge.

The Bridge - A musical allegory.

“Bridging the gap between the arts and entertainment; the shallow and the deep; the brash and the sensitive. A place where history meets the future. A plea for open mindedness, tolerance and natural justice at a time when the world is sleep walking into the unknowable.” Robert John Godfrey

The Bridge album, with artwork conceived and designed by Dominic Tofield,  will be released on the 12th January 2015, ahead of The Bridge Tour taking place in January through to March 2015.


Pre-ordering this album will help us to invest in next year's shows, which will be our most ambitious yet. We are already working hard to prepare for The Bridge Tour, and every album you order directly from us provides us with the much needed financial support needed to pull off something so daring. For us, this is the day job. Every path is a make or break.

Please CLICK HERE to pre-order your copy of The Bridge.

Those who order The Bridge by the 1st December 2014 will be named and thanked in a special booklet, to be included within the Digipak. An additional 'Thank You Track' will also be included, exclusive to the first batch of pressings. 

The Bridge Show


Union Chapel low resDue to circumstances beyond our control, the bridge show at the Hazlitt Theatre in Maidstone will not be going ahead. We apologise for any disappointment caused.

However, for every door that closes another one opens. We decided immediately that the best course of action should be to do the final production of The Bridge in a London venue. We thought very hard and contacted some of our favourite seated venues, knowing that the chance of us finding something at such short notice would be a fine thing. 

It is with great joy that we can confirm The Enid will be performing The Bridge at The Union Chapel, Islington, London in March 2015! 

We were very lucky to secure this wonderful venue with such short notice. It is the perfect setting for The Enid's music, and what a beautiful place for us to do our last performance of The Bridge Show.


The Bridge Show - Dates

Sat 24th Jan - Court Theatre, Tring, Hertfordshire - Please CLICK HERE for tickets.

Fri 30th Jan - The Wharf, Tavistock, Devon - Please CLICK HERE for tickets.

Sat 31st Jan - Hanger Farm Arts Centre, Totton, Southampton - Please CLICK HERE for tickets.

Sat 21st Feb - The Guildhall, Gloucester - Please CLICK HERE for tickets.

Fri 6th March - Holy Trinity Church, Leeds - Please CLICK HERE for tickets from The Enid Shop (Enidi discount available). You can also CLICK HERE to learn more about the venue.

Sat 7th March - Websters Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland - Please CLICK HERE for tickets.

Tue 31st March - LONDON Union Chapel - Please CLICK HERE for tickets.

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