Witch Hunt - Film Coming Easter Monday!

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Witch hunt banner low res


It's all very exciting! This short film to accompany our piece Witch Hunt from the 2012 studio album Invicta has been a long time in the making, and we can finally announce that it will be launched next week. Classic Rock Presents PROG have got behind us, and the public will be invited to get a first look at the video via their website -

Please find an opportunity to visit the article when it goes live on the PROG website at Noon on Monday 21st April. We'll be grateful for any comments you can leave for others to read. This is likely to attract the attention of lots of new music lovers who until now may not have experienced The Enid.

Thank you to all those who invested their time, money and expertise into this project. We couldn't have done it without you.

"What we fear most in life is ourselves: Witch Hunt is an examination of the bigotry and prejudice we see all around us every day of our lives. Accordingly the music is on a collision course with itself – a composition really in 7/8 masquerading as a straight piece of rock music in 4/4.

Even the seven note scale is artificial, for it cannot be described with any key signature without resorting to double sharps or flats on the stave (which is “not allowed”)." Robert John Godfrey



Shop now back online

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The maintainance has now been completed. The shop is now back online and should be performing much better!


The EnidiPlayer is Back!

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The Enidiplayer is now fully working again after Palmer's cruel sabotage took down all the Enidi's Soundcloud files.

A very kind friend has donated some bandwidth and server space free of charge.

What is the Enidplayer?

The Enidiplayer is free to use for all members of The Enidi. It contains the band's entire back catalogue.


Palmer takes out Enid Soundcloud

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Gerald Palmer (owner of the band's former record label)  has contacted Soundcloud and claimed ownership of all the Enid's copyrights. This has resulted in Soundcloud removing all content, hence the Enidiplayer will no longer work. Here's the Email from Soundcloud:

"Hey The Enid,

SoundCloud Copyright Team here, we wanted to get in touch because it has been brought to our attention that you are hosting private tracks that you don't have all the proper rights and permissions in place to upload to your profile, and then charging people to gain access to them.

Please remove all tracks from your profile immediately. You have 24 hours to comply with this request before we will be forced to suspend your profile until you can sort out the situation offline with the reporting user.

Gerald Palmer has gotten in touch with us to let us know that as a copyright owner of these tracks, he objects to this use of them. As a rights holder, he has the right to ask for these to be removed, and we are giving you 24 hours to comply with this action.

Please understand that since SoundCloud is a sound sharing platform, it is not up to us to mediate these disputes, and you'll have to get in touch with each other and work the situation out amicably or in a court of law if you'd like to proceed that way.

Thanks for understanding that we have to proceed this way in order to comply with copyright law, and to make sure that there is no infringement taking place on SoundCloud.


SoundCloud Copyright Team"


The legal battle is still ongoing. Until there is some resolution, Palmer will continue to play the legal system to his advantage in order to cause harm to the band.

In the mean time, the content will be relocated and we'll be up and running again as soon as possible.


Tring - A Sell Out and a Success!

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Enid Tring Montage

Performing on home turf is never easy for any musician, especially when you've been away for a few years. For me, it was terrifying. Nervously I waited to see if anyone would buy tickets for this show at all. To my surprise and relief we had a sell out! All that praying must have paid off.

This show was our first "sit down" affair in well over a year (apart from the Gouveia Art Rock Festival in Portugal last Spring) and it needed to be special. After every performance since I've joined The Enid, we recieve some feedback indicating we are moving forward in some way. It was essential that we continued to prove this, especially in our 40th Anniversary year.

So, with multiple standing ovations throughout the show and some new Enidi subscriptions on the night, we feel we've had a pretty fantastic start to 2014. Here are some quotes from the audience who I believe can provide a better synopsis of the evening that I ever could:

"Fantastic night last night - well done guys." M.White

"Excellent gig last night. Looking forward to hearing the new set and 'Vox Enidi' later this year." R.Clews

"Still in awe after an incredible first half at Tring. For me, the best I've heard the band, absolutely amazing boys! Looking forward to the second half." W.Moore

"Just back from seeing @therealenid tonight in Tring. Wonderful show in singer Joe's backyard." C.Rowand

"Now, I've no idea how many Enid gigs I've been to but this was one of the very best. It just seemed that the band have raised their game even further since last year. Combined with a great venue and enthusiastic crowd it was an absolute corker. I'll try to make it to as many gigs as I can this year, because at 40 years old, The Enid is truly an astonishing thing to behold!" P.Winser

"It was a very special show and what a way to kick start 2014. A full house and made very welcome by the volunteers on the night." M.Alex

"A rainy Saturday night in Tring was blessed with the beautiful music and the family like warmth and affection that happens at an Enid gathering. It was great to see the young Enidlets showing their plumage as they develop into prime musical maturity, wonderful stuff!" L.Rousell

"Thought last night's set was magnificent. The music felt rejuvenated and vibrant. Think we have possibly just witnessed the turning point for the band in light of the things Robert has been saying recently. There were loads of little extras throughout the performance and it shows how hard they've been working. One little niggle though, if the band introductions are going to be that long, then maybe do them at the start of the second set where they won't interrupt the flow of the performance. But back on a positive note. Salome!! Spellbinding!! The highlight for me and a sign of things to come." S.Brown

"A great night and I managed not to fall in the rather swollen pond in Aldbury on my way back to my digs (the Greyhound)." I.Long

"Just home after another great gig. Highlights would probably be 'One and the Many', a very powerful Witch Hunt and 'Salome' which blew me away! These guys are really getting it together now - can't wait for the next outing." B.Fletton


Mastering the New Vinyl

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The masters for the new 2014 vinyl releases have been specially tailor made, rather than just sending a CD to the pressing plant.

For all 3 albums, I sourced the original 24bit 96kHz masters and then processed them in the studio with my own technique to get the best from the medium. The main thing to avoid is getting low frequencies out of phase with each other in the stereo field, as this can cause the stylus to pop out of the groove. On inspection, it turned out that there was a lot of low frequency phasing, probably as a result of stereo micing. I got around this by splitting the signal and EQing the bass frequencies out of one split. With the other split, I EQed out the high frequencies, then summed the left and right into mono.

Here's a pretty picture of the process I used. The bass is in mono below about 200 Hz. Some recommend the cutoff to be higher but I felt this compromised the sound quite a bit.

Secondly, the master must not be too bright as this can cause distortion. Thirdly, it should be nice and dynamic and not compressed to hell, like most CDs. Fortunately, material from EMI in the 70s is perfect in this respect.

I've listened to the test pressing of ITROTSS and it sounds great!

The vinyl is now available in our shop.


RJG Talks With Jason

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Unused outtake from 40th Anniversary DVD - Life without Robert - a vision for the future of The Enid.


Autumn News

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Every time we get the pleasure of chatting with people - whether it be after a show, on the phone or even online - the thing that shines bright is the level of passion and heartfelt loyalty we receive from you all for our music. For that we couldn't be more grateful.

One of the most common ways that our current following discovered The Enid was through the sharing of records. We believe that this is still a great way to share something you're passionate about and, as a method, should continue. This is why we have decided to introduce a 50% OFF DISCOUNT on all our available merchandise between now and Christmas. From small tokens to stocking fillers, the more people you treat this year to a CD, T-Shirt or Mug, the further our reach can spread. Expanding our fan base is a priority for us. All we need is your help to do it. 

Just type in the coupon code: ACORN7591 for 50% off ALMOST everything you order from The Enid Shop between now and the 25th December 2013 - there's a little box when you get to the checkout.

40th Anniversary CD & DVD Box SetEnid 40 Years

Individually Numbered Limited Edition of 2000

3 Disc set in Special Presentation Box

Preorder from Nov 30

Released Jan 31st 2014

2014 will be the 40th Anniversary of The Enid. To celebrate, we are bringing out a limited edition CD and DVD box set. The two CDs of the original first two albums - In The Region Of The Summer Stars and Aerie Faerie Nonsense - will be augmented with extra material, including some previously unreleased versions of the tracks. The DVD features footage of original members Robert John Godfrey and Dave Storey reminiscing on the band's early years, Joe interviewing Robert and an in depth look at the music by Robert. Available to pre order on the shop now and due for dispatch on the 31st January.

Tring 2013 300x4492014 Shows

Shows are already being booked, with plans to return to some of our favourite venues around the country. We will also be visiting some new turf, including famous progressive rock venue The Peel in London. We are also excited to be invited back for HRH Prog next year, supporting the brilliant artist Fish! There are also plans to visit some European festivals this Summer. Watch this space!

Our first show of the year will be in the Hertfordshire town of Tring, the birthplace of latest edition Joe Payne. He grew up perfroming in this venue, and is excited to return with The Enid on the 25th January for his first show there in two years.

Each show of 2014 will be a unique event, including a summer climax performance of the entire album In The Region Of The Summer Stars - date and location to be confirmed.

New Album - Part 3 of the Trilogy

Currently under the working title of Reset, the follow up to INVICTA is still in the working and the band would like to take extra care to ensure that the full potential is reached. Despite the destracting nature of the continuing legal headache caused by Gerald Palmer, Joe and Robert are continuing to produce and filter through ideas, some of which are very Far Out. As always we promise quality before quantity and no release date will be given until the music is finished. 

Enidi CBSO DVD Cover 800x400

Enidi Convention 2013

The Enidi convention will be held on Saturday December 14th in Northampton, where members will be collecting their free "Live with The CBSO" DVD. If you are a member of the Enidi and have not recieved your invitation, please contact Enidi Secretary Jane Armstrong who will keep you up to date with all the details - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If you're not sure if you're still a member, you can check here

Jane also asks that you RSVP if you are coming so that she knows numbers, thanks.

Witch Hunt - INVICTA Movie

The exciting new video for popular INVICTA track Witch Hunt finally finished filming last weekend. Now ready for the editing stages, we would like to thank everyone who has dontated and invested their money, time and experience into this project. There are many exciting rewards for people who donated via Indiegogo to enjoy, including exclusive shows, music lessons, posters, home cooked meals from RJG and more!

Witch Hunt Poster

The Shape of Things to Come

Band Signs Distrubtion Deal with American Comany MVD

This is good news for The Enid. It will help find that elusive wider audience.

Vinyl on the Horizon

The Enid link up with Specilast vinyl label.

Curry Nights at The Lodge with RJG and Friends

All through next year - details to follow.

Court Battle Looms in the High Courts of Justice in The Strand

RJG and Palmer go head to head as RJG represents himself against Palmer's legal team in a Trial coming ever nearer.

In The Meantime

The Band are working hard preparing for touring next year. We wish you the best and look forward to seeing you sometime in 2014, or hopefully at the Enidi Convention.



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