In The Region of the Summer Stars Tour Feedback

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Enid ITROTSS Tour Poster LoRes

Despite the last-minute change to the setlist to include only instrumental pieces from the Enid's extensive back catalogue, we've had nothing but great feedback on the tour so far. Many thanks to the following people for sharing their experiences with us on social networks... 

"The Enid has become two bands in one. The first was and is a rock band par excellence, with pounding bass riffs, sweeping guitars, harmonic keyboards and double percussion. The second is opera and pure theatre… Telling a story, singing songs and thrilling the audience with humour, pathos and good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll. 

As Joe takes a well-earned break and recovers, the band has gone back in time, rediscovering its ancestry. It is a credit to these fine musicians who have learned the pieces over a very short time and assembled a polished concert format in a ridiculously short time. The result is a raw, powerful, dynamic performance that is similar to the original sound but stamps its own identity. Having stood and cheered in the crowds at the Manchester gig of the 40th Anniversary tour of In The Region of the Summer Stars, I was privileged to see and hear The Enid at their finest... Gutsy, brave, and so talented.

Looking at the individuals, Dave Storey must have had a great sense if déjà vu… I wonder how he felt reliving the music of his youth.   He brings the backbone of timing to each piece, and as always provides a steadying influence to the young guns…. And the encore piece… I won’t give the game away, but Dave plays like a man possessed!

A band is like a house, with rhythm at the foundation, and up front lead melodies defining the majesty of the finished building.   But before I describe the guys on the roof, the bricks and mortar are provided by Dominic Tofield and Josh Judd.   As Dom played a note-perfect mix of keyboards and percussion, I wondered how he could concentrate on playing the 11-note signature riff on xylophone over and over again throughout Chaldean Crossing….yet he was spot on for each of the several hundred repeats.   It would have been far easier to repeat the riff electronically, but I can assure you the “analogue” version with the human touch drives the piece forward in sympathy with Dave’s drumming, making me feel like I was riding a ship of the desert across a vast expanse of sand, in the cool of night, illuminated by the Summer Stars.
Josh Judd has been around the band for a while and now brings his precision bass to add a constant bridge between the rhythm section and keyboard melodists.   He does this by playing virtuoso notes but uses his instrumental technique as a percussive reinforcement.   So his place next to Dave ensures that the musical foundations are rock solid, tight and rich.   In my opinion, having an exclusive bass player adds enormously to the lineup.   In previous years, the bass was squeezed in by the orchestral percussionist, making frantic moves where necessary…now Dom can concentrate on his own work, and Josh adds his own brilliance to the overall sound.
Like everyone else in The Enid, Zachary Bullock has a multi-roll function… Gentle keyboard harmonies, supporting Jason Ducker on lead guitar, and Max Read on second guitar and keyboards; to up-front lead playing the heart and soul of each piece. Having played several gigs (as well as rehearsed endlessly), Zach is beginning to shine in his own right and truly deserves to have taken over RJG’s seat. Yet although Zach brings freshness and vitality, the influence of “the old master” is never far away.   As one of the younger players, Zach brings a clever, modern and gentle spirit to the keyboards, but has ample power to play the rough and raucous parts too.
The guitars…aah, the beloved guitars that soar like eagles…Jason stands, plays, works his fingers to the bone, calm, correct, studious and so creative.   He is a man who understands all that is rock… dynamism, sustain, power chords, leaping lead riffs, humour, passion and vast experience.   Unlike so many less-talented people, who rely on their strut on stage, Jason works with his Strat to give his fine stage performance.
Max Read… Now a senior and seasoned member of the band…its leader, co-composer, lyricist, keyboard, guitar, vocal, arrangement-wizard and all-round “good egg”, Max overarches the whole sound, joining percussion and melodies, harmonies and vocals, sewing together the sound that we love.  Like a craftsman tailor, he selects the finest materials and creates something both fashionable and enduring.
One could ask “who is the star of the band?”.   The answer is nobody and everyone.  This is how The Enid functions.   Dave works with Josh and Dom.  Dom works with Zach and Max.  Max works with Jason, Dom and Zach.  Jason works with Josh, Max and Dom. And nobody works without the talented technical team in the background...the unsung heroes.
So, who is the star?   The overall sound is the star." Andrew Ullman


"How many bands can lose their lead singer 2 weeks before a show and still pull off an amazing concert? ... and how many bands can put on two tours within 6 months with 2 entirely different sets? You guys rock!!" Bob Foale

"Terrific performance last night, welcome home, Dominic. Three weeks to learn keyboards!" Julian Kaye

"Amazing show. The guys were on fire. You all know half the set but the other half was fab too with some very nice surprises, and the encore - Wow! (No spoilers from me). Go and see this show :)" Lawrence Haynes

"Brilliant show - and actually a nice change from the usual presentation of the band these days (certainly nothing personal Joe!), great to see the focus totally on the music(ian's) for once." Steve Reynolds

"Great concert by the Enid! Fabulous sound." Nick Watkins

"Had a great time tonight :) The gig was excellent - I really liked both Mayday Galliard & Sheets of Blue in the first half, after which the rendition of Summer Stars as the second half was marvellous. Well done guys :)" David L Baynham

"What a great night at the Robin2. Was great to hear some of the earlier work live for the first time in such a while. Congratulations to the band for pulling it all together and best wishes and get well soon to Joe Payne. Roll on Northampton :)" Alan Bonnington 

The Show Must Go On!

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Joe The Enid Apr 2016A message from Joe Payne: 

"Dear friends, 

As you may already be aware, our last show was cancelled at short notice due to my being taken ill. 

The debilitating nature of my illness has forced me to take an open-ended leave from live shows. Unfortunately, this is out of my control. 

I’ll return as soon as I feel fit and ready to resume, and ask for your patience as this could take weeks. 

In the meantime, the rest of the band will continue with the In The Region tour, and will use this opportunity to reintroduce many old instrumental favourites back into the set. 

We have also been gathering together dates for the end of the year, by which time I hope to be back to full health. 

My love to you all and thank you to the many who have sent messages of support.


A message from max read:Max Read The Enid 836x1137

"Our number one priority is to support Joe during his recovery. However at the same time, we have a tour to do and an anniversary to celebrate. The show must go on, and indeed, it will!

Our original plan was to perform the In the Region of the Summer Stars album for you in its entirety during the first half of the show, and then perform a mix of vocal-led songs during the second half. However, Joe's absence left us with a big problem: with only half a show, we would need to learn another 45 minutes of material with the new line-up. Enid music is not the easiest to learn, and we did consider at this late stage cancelling the rest of the tour.

Fortunately, we are blessed with some incredibly talented musicians who have all risen to the challenge and are rehearsing as we speak!

So, not only will you be treated to a high-octane performance of In the Region, but we will also include a number of instrumental tracks from the 70's and 80's, which you may not have heard us play for a while.

One more surprise for you: we are happy to welcome Dom Tofield back into the fold, after his recent trip to Thailand. Dom will be not only be playing orchestral percussion but also covering for Joe on keyboards, allowing Josh to concentrate fully on the bass guitar.

We are sad that Joe will not be with us, but at the same time, we are determined to forge ahead, celebrate our anniversary with you and make sure the band is on top form for when Joe returns to full health."


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The band and I have had to make to the tough decision to reschedule the first date of our "In The Region of the Summer Stars" tour in Leicester on June 3rd. 

Joe has been unwell and unable to work. He is now on-the-mend but needs some time to recover. He fully expects to be on top form again ready for the gig at the Robin 2 in Bilston on 23rd June. 

Cancelling a show is the very last thing the band want to do so please accept our sincere apologies if you have made special arrangements. 

On a brighter note, the rehearsals with Josh, Zach and Dave have been going extremely well. With three of us on keyboards the band has returned to the more live, edgy and exciting sound that turned so many heads in the 70's. So far, the results are very promising indeed, and we can't wait for you to hear The Devil, in particular! 

As soon as he's feeling well enough, Joe plans to make a formal announcement to let you all know how he's doing. In the mean time, we will be working with the promoter of the Leicester show to pick a new date. 

Introducing Josh Judd for the "In The Region" Tour

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The Enid Band Photo April 2016

rejuvenating "in the region"

With Robert John Godfrey retiring from The Enid's live shows earlier this year, the band are now busy transforming themselves into a fresh unit of musicians. With Zachary Bullock, Max Read and Joe Payne all now sharing keyboard roles, the songs from the debut album "In the Region of the Summer Stars" have been carefully studied and re-arranged by the new band to ensure that all the parts are accounted for. The end result of this hard work will be a performance which is both sensitive to the original record and equally powerful.


The new line up for our upcoming shows is (L-R): Jason Ducker, Josh Judd, Zachary Bullock, Joe Payne, Dave Storey and Max Read. 

Josh Judd The Enid 2016

Introducing Josh Judd


When we uploaded our music video for "Someone Shall Rise" back in March, some of you may have noticed a new face. Standing there behind the timpani, a tall fellow with thick floppy hair was playing the bass. His handsome face masked behind wide framed glassed and clever lighting. This mysterious man is no longer a mystery as we unveil him to you now.

Some of you may have already had the pleasure of meeting Josh Judd. For the length of the Dust Tour he was there with us selling merchandise at every show. Charming, hardworking and musically gifted, Josh has proven himself to be an ideal collaborator and friend. 

Once again, we see our good friend Nic Willes fly the nest. He's got a bunch of other projects in the pipeline, and as much as he'd love to commit to us and everything else, he is sadly spread a little too thin for our future plans. So, leaving us on the best of terms, we say a fond goodbye to Nic. Undoubtedly we'll be seeing him make appearances to hang out with us at future shows, and we'll be seeing a lot of him at our Northampton studio.

Tour Dates


Enid ITROTSS Tour Poster LoResIn just two weeks will begin performing The Enid's debut album In the Region of the Summer Stars, celebrating its 40th birthday. Our venue choices are all places we've played before, and feel like home to us, providing a perfect setting and atmosphere for these rare and exclusive events.

Tickets are now officially available for all dates, spread across England. Please join us in:






***Please note, most of the tickets for our opening night in Leicester have already been snatched up. Book now before it sells out!

You can also find out more details about our tour plans via our website, including the Enidi Summer Fete, and next year's HRH Prog.


In the Region of the Summer Stars

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Enid ITROTSS Tour Poster LoResThe band are delighted to announce 5 very special and unique dates where they will be performing The Enid's début album In the Region of the Summer Stars, celebrating its 40th birthday. Venue choices are all places the band have played before, and feel like home to them, providing a perfect setting and atmosphere for these rare and exclusive events.

Tickets are now officially available for all dates, spread across England. Please join us in:






Friends of the band in Japan will also be able to enjoy some music from In the Region and Aerie Faerie Nonsense on April 19th and 20th when the band visit Tokyo for two special performances at TSUTAYA O-EAST.

RJG's Last UK Show


RJG Sean CameronAn evening described by Metal Talk journalist Liz Medhurst as "A Moment, not just for The Enid but also for music history", the band wish to thank all who made it to London's Cadogan Hall on Saturday to experience Robert's last official UK show with them.

Engaging in at least three standing ovations throughout the concert, the audience carried the band's emotionally-charged performance right through to the end. The most powerful moments were without a doubt the encores. Beginning with a fully fledged rendition of Leviticus, the rest of the band then left the stage leaving Robert in the spotlight for an intimate solo piano performance of 'Til We're Old. He then stood to deliver a familiar excerpt from Night of the Iguana by Tennessee Williams before crossing the footlights and joining the audience, sharing a beautiful and powerful message of love and unity. At this point the band re-entered the stage to perform One and the Many, with Zachary Bullock taking his place at RJG's keyboards. The pressure on Zach must have seemed unimaginable to most, and he truly proved himself, delivering his performance with the utmost bravery, courage and humility. 

The band feel that Liz's review is a perfect write up of the evening and what it symbolised to everyone there.

ENIDI Summer Fete


Enidi BBQ 2015 1A new event concept unlike anything tried before, next week the band will be announcing the launch of tickets for our upcoming Enidi gathering, taking place in Northampton.

Evolved from last year's Enidi Summer BBQ, the band felt they could take it a step further this year and do a Summer Fete. This means they will be inviting Enidi members to participate (if they want to) by setting up stalls where they can share their own passions with us - a real two way experience which it's hoped will give everyone a day of variety and opportunity to discuss each other's work. 

Available on a first come first serve basis, a limited number of spaces will be allocated  for Enidi members to present artwork, photography or anything else they may wish to display. There will also be opportunities for other musicians within the Enidi to perform acoustically throughout the day. The evening will come complete with a traditional performance from the band and a serving of home cooked food.

Tickets and further location details will be announced mid April, so please put the 30th July in your diary as we look forward to the summer together.

Not a member of the Enidi yet? Join our community today at!

Robert John Godfrey Retiring from live shows

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RJG Headshot 2014

"The time has come for me to cross the footlights and devote myself into building our wonderful fan club, The Enidi, into a force to be reckoned with. I still have a few things up my sleeve before the sun sets upon my life's work." RJG, Prog Magazine interview (Issue 64)

Robert announced to Prog Magazine that he will be stepping down from touring with us this year. His last official UK appearance with the band will be at London's Cadogan Hall on April 2nd - the final date of the Dust Tour

First diagnosed with the early stages of Alzheimer's in 2014, Robert still wishes to be involved with us in the studio and plans to make occasional live guest appearances. He and Jason begin work on The Bridge sequal this Spring - an album focussed on Jason's progression as a guitarist.

Robert's last two shows will take place in Japan, where The Enid will be doing two very special performances on the 21st and 22nd April. The rest of the current line up will remain in place, with Zachary Bullock and Joe Payne sharing the keyboards. 

EWCD16 250x250"In the Region" Tour

Following the Dust Tour, the band are planning the next UK club tour. This will be themed around the music from The Enid's début album In the Region of the Summer Stars which celebrates it's 40th birthday this Summer. There will be an official announcement about this soon, including further information about dates and venues.

In the meantime, we hope you will be able to make it to one of Robert's final shows this year. He will be appearing with us for 6 more performances between now and the end of April.

See You Around, RJG

We look forward to working with you in a parallel universe, RJG. Worlds of boundless creativity and dedication to truth in art.

"Ideals are like the stars which guide mariners"

RJG Performances

BRISTOL - Fri 18th March - "Dust" tour - The Redgrave Theatre

HRH PROG 4 - Sat 19th March - Festival performance - Hafan Y Mor (SOLD OUT)

LONDON - Sat 2nd April - "Dust" tour - Cadogan Hall

TOKYO - Thurs 21st April - "In the Region" themed show - Tsutaya O-East

TOKYO - Fri 22nd April - "Aerie Faerie" themed show - Tsutaya O-East

A Dream plus an Extended Interview for The Enidi

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I awoke to find myself as a middle aged man in the presence of a wonderful golden boy-child of about ten years old. My heart surged with an inexplicable affection for this shining child such that I felt I would burst from the overload of such novel and intense feelings, the like of which I had never before experienced.

We were sitting side by side on the steps of a large ruined house which I somehow knew was my boyhood home. We looked out together upon a serene Arcadian landscape. Whilst all around us was calm and penetratingly pastel, in the distance we looked toward a violent sea, the setting sun engulfed by apocalyptic storm clouds.

The boy-child took my hand and led me towards the oncoming tempest until we reached the edge of a high cliff. The sounds of the roiling ocean rose up from far below, echoing repeatedly in a series of bewildering cross rhythms. In my anxiety due to the extreme proximity of the terrifying precipice confronting me, I momentary forgot about the boy-child as I was compelled to lie down, paralysed with dread.

The boy, on the other hand seemingly oblivious of the ever present danger before him, moved to the very edge of the abyss and peered over. As he turned to look me in the eye, his foot slipped. I instantly forgot my fear and still in my prone position tried to reach out and grasp his hand as he clung to the edge of disaster. Inexplicably my arm extended itself enabling me to stretch out and save him.

At first he seemed as light as air itself. But as I tried to pull him back from the brink the boy grew steadily more heavy. I felt myself begin to slip as an ever increasing weight pulled me toward mutual oblivion. Just as the load on my extended arm became relentless, so I became aware that my inexorable slide toward the cliff’s edge had ceased. A contrary force was pulling on my legs.

In my dream I was able to look behind me an observe. My limbs had transformed themselves into roots which had firmly planted themselves into the rocky terrain upon which I lay. I had become solidly anchored to the Arcadian landscape of which I was now an indivisible part. My extended arm had become a sturdy bough onto which the boy-child clung. It was at this point that I realised that his fate was no longer in my hands.

As he let go, I felt everything which was “him” jump across the synapse which separated us. In the electrical epiphany of the moment I realised the “he” was “me”.

In my dream within a dream, I re-awoke to find myself standing tall, looking over the edge of the nightmare precipice of which I was no longer afraid. I saw a single leaf gently drifting ever downward towards the now tranquil waters below.

This was the beginning of my Journey’s End

Prog Mag: best Band, Vocalist and Keyboard Player of The Year!

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We are delighted to announce that the The Enid have been voted band of the year in the Prog Magazine Reader's Poll! Not only that but Joe Payne was voted top vocalist and Robert John Godfrey top keyboard player. Jason Ducker came in at number 5 in the guitarist's vote, Dave Storey came number 8 amongst the drummers, The Bridge Show at Union Chapel came in at number 7, The Bridge album number 3 album of the year. Joe and Robert also got voted 7th and 2nd in Man of the Year. 

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Some shots of The Enid - In The Region of the Summer Stars 40th anniversary tour @ The Guildhall, Gloucester 2016!!!

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