The Team Behind The Enid

Written by Robert John Godfrey. Posted in About The Enid

Jane Armstrong -  Enidi Secretary  - Forums and Social Networks Moderator

Anita Whitington - Chair (The Enidi)

Mike Lawrence - Crew and Tech

Antony Meadley - Video and Media

Colin Turton - Marketing / Strategy

Neil Palfreyman - Live Photography

Max Read - Corporate Admin

Joe Payne - Label Manager 


The Enid Organisation

The Enid - LLP

Enidsongs Ltd (Publishing)

Urbanic Estates Ltd - Asset Holding Company

Malacandra Productions Ltd - Reserved

The Enidi - A Non Profit Making Company Limited by Guarantee

EnidLive Ltd - Touring 2012

Operation Seraphim Ltd - Record Company - Wholesale Distribution





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@HJize At the moment it is just In The Region, Aerie Faerie and Invicta on Vinyl, but we hope to have Dust on Vinyl next year! :)

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