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"The world is full of inspiring wonder and unimaginable beauty just waiting to be discovered."

The Enid is a vocational band creating a unique style of high quality music for an intelligent niche audience. Whilst the band are always seeking ways to expand that audience, it will never be at the expense of quality and content.

In essence this makes The Enid's music "elitist". A dirty word in some quarters but not a bad thing to be if you can. Is it somehow OK for troops and athletes to be elite but not musicians and artists?


Formed among friends in 1974 The Enid invented a school of intelligent powerful romantic popular music which is unique to them. It is now clear that over more than thirty years they have developed an exceptional approach to music creation in the sense that there are no generic limitations whatever placed on bands ability to create their music.

The Enid “school of art” for want of a better description, is free from constraints of template rock/pop where rhythm, harmony and melody are invariably dictated by the traditions, prejudices and limitations associated with style.

Under the tutelage of Robert John Godfrey, The Enid set out to avoid the obvious traps; the learned/received riff based music which distinguishes so much rock – the well trodden harmonic progressions – familiar melodic lines and stock-in-trade rhythms.

They were also the first band to be funded entirely by their fans which became the obvious way ahead after losing their recording contract with the now defunct PYE records.  This was a revolutionary concept when first deployed in the early 1980’s and led to the current situation with bands as diverse as Marillion, Radiohead and Hawkwind following this lead.


Tommy Vance said on BBC Radio One - Friday Night Rock Show:

"Robert John Godfrey is to my mind  one of the greatest composers Great Britain has ever produced"

In 1967 after abandoning a career as a concert pianist, Robert John Godfrey aged 19, left the Royal College of Music to work with Norman Smith at Abbey Road Studios who at the time was producing Pink Floyd’s “Piper At The Gates Of Dawn”.


This soon led to a groundbreaking relationship with Barclay James Harvest where Godfrey, as their musical director, was one of the very first to experiment with a symphony orchestra both on record ("Barclay James Harvest" and "Once Again") and live, most notably at The Royal Albert Hall in 1970. Robert John Godfrey was a true pioneer and inspired those bands like Procul Harum and The Moody Blues who later went on to explore this avenue.
After a very destructive breakup with BJH in 1971, Godfrey went on to record the extraordinary Fall Of Hyperion for Charisma Records in which he shows his formidable pianistic virtuosity. In 1974 he formed the Enid with a group of younger musicians he knew from his school days.


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