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CHRONOLOGY  1959 - 1999


GODFREY attends Finchden Manor experimental school, where The Enid will later be formed. The approach of the school has a profound effect on Godfrey and other Enid members.


GODFREY goes to the Royal College of Music to study classical piano with Malcolm Binns. He later attends the Royal Academy of Music. He establishes a brief romantic friendship with German composer Hans Werner Henze.


THE SIXTIES hippy revolution is underway. Godfrey drops out and meets Barclay James Harvest, then a new band signed to EMI, and joins them as resident musical director, living with the band in a remote farmhouse in Yorkshire.

He is responsible for their work with full symphony orchestra, and develops the seminal songs Dark Now My Sky and Mockingbird into the large-scale orchestral works which were the hallmark of the band's early albums. The band tours with Godfrey conducting their orchestra, playing such venues as the Royal Albert Hall in London.


SEEKING a more permanent vehicle for his own compositions, Godfrey leaves Barclay James Harvest.

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