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“The Enid have reaffirmed their place among the pantheon of Prog Gods.” - Rachel Mann, Prog Magazine

"Late blooming beauty." - Mark Beech, Bloomberg

"The Enid have indelibly underlined their position as the symphonic masters." - Malcolm Dome, Classic Rock

"The quintessentially English prog group." - Tim Jones, Record Collector Magazine

“Pink Floyd meets the Berlin Philharmonic” - Time Out

"The most majestic rock band of all time" - Band On The Wall

The Enid - The Bridge

the bridge

An album featuring vocals, guitar and orchestra released 10th July 2015. Order now.

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The Show Must Go On!

Written by Super User. Posted in Enid News

Joe The Enid Apr 2016A message from Joe Payne: 

"Dear friends, 

As you may already be aware, our last show was cancelled at short notice due to my being taken ill. 

The debilitating nature of my illness has forced me to take an open-ended leave from live shows. Unfortunately, this is out of my control. 

I’ll return as soon as I feel fit and ready to resume, and ask for your patience as this could take weeks. 

In the meantime, the rest of the band will continue with the In The Region tour, and will use this opportunity to reintroduce many old instrumental favourites back into the set. 

We have also been gathering together dates for the end of the year, by which time I hope to be back to full health. 

My love to you all and thank you to the many who have sent messages of support.


A message from max read:Max Read The Enid 836x1137

"Our number one priority is to support Joe during his recovery. However at the same time, we have a tour to do and an anniversary to celebrate. The show must go on, and indeed, it will!

Our original plan was to perform the In the Region of the Summer Stars album for you in its entirety during the first half of the show, and then perform a mix of vocal-led songs during the second half. However, Joe's absence left us with a big problem: with only half a show, we would need to learn another 45 minutes of material with the new line-up. Enid music is not the easiest to learn, and we did consider at this late stage cancelling the rest of the tour.

Fortunately, we are blessed with some incredibly talented musicians who have all risen to the challenge and are rehearsing as we speak!

So, not only will you be treated to a high-octane performance of In the Region, but we will also include a number of instrumental tracks from the 70's and 80's, which you may not have heard us play for a while.

One more surprise for you: we are happy to welcome Dom Tofield back into the fold, after his recent trip to Thailand. Dom will be not only be playing orchestral percussion but also covering for Joe on keyboards, allowing Josh to concentrate fully on the bass guitar.

We are sad that Joe will not be with us, but at the same time, we are determined to forge ahead, celebrate our anniversary with you and make sure the band is on top form for when Joe returns to full health."

Introducing Josh Judd for the "In The Region" Tour

Written by Duncan McLaughlan. Posted in Enid News

The Enid Band Photo April 2016

rejuvenating "in the region"

With Robert John Godfrey retiring from The Enid's live shows earlier this year, the band are now busy transforming themselves into a fresh unit of musicians. With Zachary Bullock, Max Read and Joe Payne all now sharing keyboard roles, the songs from the debut album "In the Region of the Summer Stars" have been carefully studied and re-arranged by the new band to ensure that all the parts are accounted for. The end result of this hard work will be a performance which is both sensitive to the original record and equally powerful.


The new line up for our upcoming shows is (L-R): Jason Ducker, Josh Judd, Zachary Bullock, Joe Payne, Dave Storey and Max Read. 

Josh Judd The Enid 2016

Introducing Josh Judd


When we uploaded our music video for "Someone Shall Rise" back in March, some of you may have noticed a new face. Standing there behind the timpani, a tall fellow with thick floppy hair was playing the bass. His handsome face masked behind wide framed glassed and clever lighting. This mysterious man is no longer a mystery as we unveil him to you now.

Some of you may have already had the pleasure of meeting Josh Judd. For the length of the Dust Tour he was there with us selling merchandise at every show. Charming, hardworking and musically gifted, Josh has proven himself to be an ideal collaborator and friend. 

Once again, we see our good friend Nic Willes fly the nest. He's got a bunch of other projects in the pipeline, and as much as he'd love to commit to us and everything else, he is sadly spread a little too thin for our future plans. So, leaving us on the best of terms, we say a fond goodbye to Nic. Undoubtedly we'll be seeing him make appearances to hang out with us at future shows, and we'll be seeing a lot of him at our Northampton studio.

Tour Dates


Enid ITROTSS Tour Poster LoResIn just two weeks will begin performing The Enid's debut album In the Region of the Summer Stars, celebrating its 40th birthday. Our venue choices are all places we've played before, and feel like home to us, providing a perfect setting and atmosphere for these rare and exclusive events.

Tickets are now officially available for all dates, spread across England. Please join us in:






***Please note, most of the tickets for our opening night in Leicester have already been snatched up. Book now before it sells out!

You can also find out more details about our tour plans via our website, including the Enidi Summer Fete, and next year's HRH Prog.


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