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“The Enid have reaffirmed their place among the pantheon of Prog Gods.” - Rachel Mann, Prog Magazine

"Late blooming beauty." - Mark Beech, Bloomberg

"The Enid have indelibly underlined their position as the symphonic masters." - Malcolm Dome, Classic Rock

"The quintessentially English prog group." - Tim Jones, Record Collector Magazine

“Pink Floyd meets the Berlin Philharmonic” - Time Out

"The most majestic rock band of all time" - Band On The Wall

The Enid - The Bridge

the bridge

An album featuring vocals, guitar and orchestra released 10th July 2015. Order now.

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Written by The Enid. Posted in Enid News

the enid rebirthAfter a period of uncertainty, we can now finally announce that Joe Payne and The Enid have gone their separate ways. 

We are delighted with the three astonishing records we made together and we wish Joe all the best for the future.

But now it is time for something darker, heavier, more extreme and relevant to an impending tomorrow. The success of The Enid has always been the capacity for reinvention. Please wait for us whilst we grow our new wings and learn to fly all over again with a shockingly new album on the drawing board.

In the meantime, we have a roof to keep over our heads. The tremendous response to the “In The Region Of The Summer Stars” tour during the summer has inspired us to extend the shows throughout the autumn. 

As for the future? A new chapter is being written, ablaze with the fires of change. An exciting journey is ahead of us, and with your love and support, The Enid will continue to do what it does best: progress!

In The Region of the Summer Stars Tour Feedback

Written by Max Read. Posted in Enid News

Enid ITROTSS Tour Poster LoRes

Despite the last-minute change to the setlist to include only instrumental pieces from the Enid's extensive back catalogue, we've had nothing but great feedback on the tour so far. Many thanks to the following people for sharing their experiences with us on social networks... 

"The Enid has become two bands in one. The first was and is a rock band par excellence, with pounding bass riffs, sweeping guitars, harmonic keyboards and double percussion. The second is opera and pure theatre… Telling a story, singing songs and thrilling the audience with humour, pathos and good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll. 

As Joe takes a well-earned break and recovers, the band has gone back in time, rediscovering its ancestry. It is a credit to these fine musicians who have learned the pieces over a very short time and assembled a polished concert format in a ridiculously short time. The result is a raw, powerful, dynamic performance that is similar to the original sound but stamps its own identity. Having stood and cheered in the crowds at the Manchester gig of the 40th Anniversary tour of In The Region of the Summer Stars, I was privileged to see and hear The Enid at their finest... Gutsy, brave, and so talented.

Looking at the individuals, Dave Storey must have had a great sense if déjà vu… I wonder how he felt reliving the music of his youth.   He brings the backbone of timing to each piece, and as always provides a steadying influence to the young guns…. And the encore piece… I won’t give the game away, but Dave plays like a man possessed!

A band is like a house, with rhythm at the foundation, and up front lead melodies defining the majesty of the finished building.   But before I describe the guys on the roof, the bricks and mortar are provided by Dominic Tofield and Josh Judd.   As Dom played a note-perfect mix of keyboards and percussion, I wondered how he could concentrate on playing the 11-note signature riff on xylophone over and over again throughout Chaldean Crossing….yet he was spot on for each of the several hundred repeats.   It would have been far easier to repeat the riff electronically, but I can assure you the “analogue” version with the human touch drives the piece forward in sympathy with Dave’s drumming, making me feel like I was riding a ship of the desert across a vast expanse of sand, in the cool of night, illuminated by the Summer Stars.
Josh Judd has been around the band for a while and now brings his precision bass to add a constant bridge between the rhythm section and keyboard melodists.   He does this by playing virtuoso notes but uses his instrumental technique as a percussive reinforcement.   So his place next to Dave ensures that the musical foundations are rock solid, tight and rich.   In my opinion, having an exclusive bass player adds enormously to the lineup.   In previous years, the bass was squeezed in by the orchestral percussionist, making frantic moves where necessary…now Dom can concentrate on his own work, and Josh adds his own brilliance to the overall sound.
Like everyone else in The Enid, Zachary Bullock has a multi-roll function… Gentle keyboard harmonies, supporting Jason Ducker on lead guitar, and Max Read on second guitar and keyboards; to up-front lead playing the heart and soul of each piece. Having played several gigs (as well as rehearsed endlessly), Zach is beginning to shine in his own right and truly deserves to have taken over RJG’s seat. Yet although Zach brings freshness and vitality, the influence of “the old master” is never far away.   As one of the younger players, Zach brings a clever, modern and gentle spirit to the keyboards, but has ample power to play the rough and raucous parts too.
The guitars…aah, the beloved guitars that soar like eagles…Jason stands, plays, works his fingers to the bone, calm, correct, studious and so creative.   He is a man who understands all that is rock… dynamism, sustain, power chords, leaping lead riffs, humour, passion and vast experience.   Unlike so many less-talented people, who rely on their strut on stage, Jason works with his Strat to give his fine stage performance.
Max Read… Now a senior and seasoned member of the band…its leader, co-composer, lyricist, keyboard, guitar, vocal, arrangement-wizard and all-round “good egg”, Max overarches the whole sound, joining percussion and melodies, harmonies and vocals, sewing together the sound that we love.  Like a craftsman tailor, he selects the finest materials and creates something both fashionable and enduring.
One could ask “who is the star of the band?”.   The answer is nobody and everyone.  This is how The Enid functions.   Dave works with Josh and Dom.  Dom works with Zach and Max.  Max works with Jason, Dom and Zach.  Jason works with Josh, Max and Dom. And nobody works without the talented technical team in the background...the unsung heroes.
So, who is the star?   The overall sound is the star." Andrew Ullman


"How many bands can lose their lead singer 2 weeks before a show and still pull off an amazing concert? ... and how many bands can put on two tours within 6 months with 2 entirely different sets? You guys rock!!" Bob Foale

"Terrific performance last night, welcome home, Dominic. Three weeks to learn keyboards!" Julian Kaye

"Amazing show. The guys were on fire. You all know half the set but the other half was fab too with some very nice surprises, and the encore - Wow! (No spoilers from me). Go and see this show :)" Lawrence Haynes

"Brilliant show - and actually a nice change from the usual presentation of the band these days (certainly nothing personal Joe!), great to see the focus totally on the music(ian's) for once." Steve Reynolds

"Great concert by the Enid! Fabulous sound." Nick Watkins

"Had a great time tonight :) The gig was excellent - I really liked both Mayday Galliard & Sheets of Blue in the first half, after which the rendition of Summer Stars as the second half was marvellous. Well done guys :)" David L Baynham

"What a great night at the Robin2. Was great to hear some of the earlier work live for the first time in such a while. Congratulations to the band for pulling it all together and best wishes and get well soon to Joe Payne. Roll on Northampton :)" Alan Bonnington 

In The Region Tour Extended into Autumn 2016

Written by Super User. Posted in Enid News

"The last two months have been a very difficult time for myself and the band. Although we were fully prepared to take on "life after Robert", we could not also have anticipated Joe's simultaneous leave of absence, both from on stage and as my right-hand-man at Enid HQ running the office, booking shows and plotting ahead.

I must admit that I was at least a little uncertain about a future without Robert, a truly irreplaceable personality. Would many fans simply lose interest? And now, with Joe, our new "star" unexpectedly incapacitated, would we have lost too much of our identity? Could the band even function like this?

The 23rd June was truly a day of reckoning: the "advisory" referendum (I'll leave it there), our first show without Robert and now, no Joe; a band divided and a nation - little did we know - on the cusp.

Well, the crowds showed up this summer and my questions were answered as I spoke to members of the audience after the shows. "We just love the music", I was told. And with those words, my fears evaporated. The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, and thanks to all of your support and encouragement I now have the confidence to take this most unusual band into the next era. The boys and I really have come out fighting and found a renewed sense of unity and comradeship. 

It's all been over so quickly that we've decided to extend the tour into the Autumn, including the rescheduled show at The Musician, Leicester.

We've done our best to spread further afield to accommodate as many of you as possible - including our second visit to Glasgow this year - but it's not the same show! We're still working on securing a suitable venue in London - though it will more than likely take place next year.", Max Read

the enid gloucester


22nd September: The Fleece, Bristol

23rd September: Pocklington Arts Centre, near York. (Tickets go on sale July 29th.)

1st October: Court Theatre, Tring

4th October: The Musician, Leicester*

6th October: The Ferry, Glasgow - Tickets available from Box Office: 01698 360085


*Please note if you purchased a ticket for the show on 3rd June, your ticket will still be valid.

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