What the critics say...

“The Enid have reaffirmed their place among the pantheon of Prog Gods.” - Rachel Mann, Prog Magazine

"Late blooming beauty." - Mark Beech, Bloomberg

"The Enid have indelibly underlined their position as the symphonic masters." - Malcolm Dome, Classic Rock

"The quintessentially English prog group." - Tim Jones, Record Collector Magazine

“Pink Floyd meets the Berlin Philharmonic” - Time Out

"The most majestic rock band of all time" - Band On The Wall

The Enid - The Bridge

the bridge

An album featuring vocals, guitar and orchestra for January 2015 release. Order now.



The highly acclaimed 2012 album available in our shop.

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Running on Empty

Written by Joe Payne. Posted in Enid News

An appeal for help

I've made a short film to explain our situation. If you can't view it, a transcript is below.


Ways to help

1. Introduce a friend to the band - buy them a CD / Video or T-Shirt.

2. Buy the Crescendo Video, if you haven't already.

3. Pre-order The Bridge, if you haven't already.

4. Join the Enidi and get the free annual CD.

5. Make a donation to The Enidi (use the box on right).

6. If you are able to give more substantial help, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call him on +44(0)1604 251668.


"Times have never been better for the band. A window of opportunity has opened for The Enid with offers coming in from all over the world.

There is large audience out there just waiting to discover us. The key to the future of the band is to find them and create a soundtrack for their lives. Now we have the chance to do just that. We are re-establishing our name in the prog community and have attracted the help we need to move forward following last year’s Progressive Music Awards.

Now retired, Robert has distanced himself from all matters of business, including our legal affairs. That said, he still lives with us in his “granny flat” at Enid HQ, and is a treasured member of our family. We look after him and probably will do to the end of his life.

We absolutely want to make a lasting impression on all people wherever THE BAND goes and whatever it records.
But, we are now facing unexpected legal fees at a time when we have committed every penny to the forthcoming albums and gigs. We need help.

So what’s the trouble? A man called Gerald Palmer, owner of Inner Sanctum Records, the band’s former record label.

As I understand it, Robert once considered Gerald Palmer a close personal friend. Sadly, Palmer has turned out to be what can only be described as a music fan from Hell.
The relationship with Palmer blew up when the band’s manger was trying to sort out the terrible contract that Palmer had persuaded Robert to sign. The band got legal advice and terminated the contract, but since then, he’s used every dirty trick in the book in an attempt to get the band to back down.

We decided to fight Palmer in the courts rather than giving up The Enid’s name and heritage. The court case against him, which is going very well, has reached a crucial stage. Money has to be found to pay our barrister right now and we haven’t got it.

With the help of our barrister we have won every stage of this battle so far. With his continued help we can and will win this case. If we lose, the band may never recover.

If this situation had come up in three months time, we wouldn’t be asking, but we have no one else to turn to. None of us owns anything “big” and raising a conventional loan is impossible. We are running on empty.

In 2014, the band spent £17,000 on legal fees. To defend ourselves at this critical stage, we need to find £15,000 immediately and we’re asking our supporters to help us however you can. Visit the web site and buy a CD, a video or a T-Shirt; make a donation, or if you feel you could manage to do more, drop me an email or call me."


New Live Video Available Now

Written by Joe Payne. Posted in Enid News

The Enid Crescendo 2014Just in time for Christmas, we are really pleased to announce The Enid's first official Live Concert Video release since Birmingham Town Hall in 2010. This will also be the first live footage released since the arrival of Joe Payne in 2011. 

To our joy and surpise, we were recently informed by the organisers of French Progressive Rock Festival CRESCENDO that a local film maker had filmed our entire performance last August. We were totally unaware of the cameras at the time, but having now seen the footage we are blown away by the film's quality.

Luckily for us we had invested in a new self monitoring system this year which allows us to do multi-track recordings of our shows. This has taken some getting used to, but our performance at Crescendo happens to have been recorded by us with no technical difficulties. Therefore we have been able to combine our High Quality audio with the HD video edit from SKOP Art Films to provide a wonderful concert experience for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Max has just completed mixing the soundtrack in 5.1 Surround and it's sounding amazing. We have put up some preview clips for you to enjoy on YouTube. Please CLICK HERE to watch.

Available now, both on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Please CLICK HERE to order your copy now from The Enid Shop.